Engineering 10 


Prospective students should refer to the UNF Undergraduate Catalog for details regarding admission the University.

Admission to Engineering Programs

Formal admission to an engineering degree program at UNF occurs after the completion of the pre-engineering program shown below (or its equivalent). A grade of C+ or higher is required in all pre-engineering courses.


Course Name Course Number Minimum Grade
Calculus I MAC 2311 C+
Calculus II MAC 2312 C+
Calculus III MAC 2313 C+
Differential Equations MAP 2302 C+
Calculus-based Physics I & Lab PHY 2048 (or PHY1041) & PHY 2048L C+
Calculus-based Physics II & Lab PHY 2049 (or PHY2042) & PHY2049L C+
General Chemistry I & Lab CHM 2045 & CHM 2045L C+

Transfer Students

Qualified transfer students from all regionally accredited colleges and universities are welcome in UNF Engineering degree programs. Students should refer to the UNF Undergraduate Catalog for rules governing the transferability of coursework and other details. All transfer students who have completed the pre-engineering program or its equivalent (including the minimum GPA requirements) will be considered for admission. Transfer students who have not completed the pre-engineering program may be admitted to UNF Engineering programs under a provisional status if they have successfully completed at least 8 credit hours of the pre-engineering coursework. Those students must then complete the remaining pre-engineering coursework during their first year at UNF.


All coursework accepted for transfer to UNF must also be evaluated by an academic advisor for use in an engineering program of study. Generally speaking, courses completed at a Florida public community college or university with identical course prefixes and numbers used in the UNF catalog are accepted automatically (as long as they are completed with a grade of C+ or better for all Engineering pre-requisite courses, and a grade of C or better for all others). Courses from other institutions may require additional documentation such as catalog descriptions and/or syllabi before being accepted.

Other Notes

A student may receive credit for a course only once. However the GPA will reflect all repeated courses. An approved dual/concurrent enrollment form is required prior to registering for courses at another institution. Students are strongly advised not to enroll in courses at another institution during their last semester at UNF. Graduation will most likely be delayed for students who do attempt dual enrollment in their last semester. Students are strongly encouraged to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam during their senior year. See the Engineering academic advisor for more information.