Things to Know - School of Computing Majors

 The information on this page is valuable for all majors in the School of Computing, whether you are a new student, a current student, or alumnus. Use it wisely!  

Computing Industry/Professional Highlights:

School of Computing Degree Planning Tools:

  • Still not sure which computing discipline is for you? Make a quick analysis, matching your interests with the disciplines offered at UNF. Download the Performance Capabilities Worksheet. Mark the top ten capabilities in the list that fit your interests and career goals. Sum up the values indicated for that capability in each of our disciplines...the discipline with the highest number is the one that will prepare you the most for your chosen career.
  • Take Control! The School of Computing has created a Timeline for Degree Planning every major should review regularly to be prepared for career and course planning and selection.
  • Important Online Resources for Students is a Quick Guide for new students and a reminder for current students.

Once you are satisfied you know what you want to do, utilize the other academic advising resources located under Academics:

  • Course Scheduling Tools: course flow diagrams and frequency of offerings for each discipline, university catalog, osprey maps
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Forms: interactive or downloadable forms for SoC students (Note: the Registration Error Form is located here.)
  • Programs of Study: requirements for degrees in each of the disciplines
  • Tutoring for Computing: schedules and availability of tutoring and other resources for computing students