School of Computing Programs of Study

The School of Computing offers undergraduate and graduate programs that provide enriching learning activities for those who want to pursue a career or advanced studies in computing. Our programs include concentrations in Computer Science, Information Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Software Engineering.


For detailed information on each of the programs offered by the School, refer to the "Programs and Policies" section of the online catalog.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Accelerated BS/MS Computer Science Program

The School of Computing offers an accelerated program which allows students to obtain both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Computer Science in as little as 5 years.

Committed students who are academically motivated can take advantage of this program of study. This program requires a strong background in mathematics and science, including calculus and calculus based physics. The accelerated program is available for the Computer Science program only.

School of Computing Program Objectives and Outcomes

The School follows a process of continuous improvement where we assess the quality of our programs. Part of this process involves determining to what extent program objectives and outcomes are being met. Undergraduate objectives and outcomes are elaborated in Academic Learning Compacts; graduate objectives and outcomes are specified in Graduate Learning Outcomes.