Registration Guide for Team Members

As a team member, you must sign up on IMleagues for the team that you would like to participate with. If it is your first time playing with them team and you have not signed up on IMleagues no worries. You will be able to play for that game, but you will have until your next scheduled game to sign up online. If you fail to do so then you will not be eligible to play. Check with your team captain or visit our web site for team schedules 2-3 days before the scheduled start date of the sport.


Game Site Check-In

Your UNF Osprey 1card is required to check-in. Bring it to the check table at the game site and you’ll be checked in by a supervisor. You must officially check-in prior to going out to the actual field or court for your game. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your first game to get checked in. Remember, you can only play on one men’s or women’s team and one corec team in a sport. And, you cannot change teams for a sport once you’ve signed in that first time.

Playing Equipment & Uniform

Make sure you’re properly equipped for the game. Most sports equipment is available for for use at the facility (like softball gloves or volleyballs), no charge just please be sure to put the equipment back when it was located. But, you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing the right uniform. In flag football, pants or shorts without pockets are required. And, metal cleats or metal spikes are not allowed in any sport. Jewelry is restricted as well. Specific information is available by sport in our Intramural Handbook. And, your team captain should also be aware of the restrictions.

UNF IM participants are not required to supply their own numbered jerseys. But, we’d recommend coordinating with your teammates to wear the same color. We have scrimmage jerseys available at the game site that you can wear for the game if both teams are wearing the same color or if things get confusing.


Sport Rules

It cannot hurt to know the rules to the sport in which you’re playing. Visit our Sport Rules section for detailed rules and rules summaries for each sport. We have a few unique IM rules that help make our games more interesting and fairer for all players. Also, be sure to show respect to your opponents and game officials. Good sportsmanship is our number one priority in Intramural Sports!


Questions or Comments?

That’s it. It doesn’t get much easier to play Intramural Sports at UNF. Of course, you may want to double-check with your team captain to make sure they’ve done all they need to do to get your team in the league.

If you’re confused or have any questions, please stop by the Intramural office (UNF Arena, Room 1048) or please drop us an e-mail at