How Intramurals Work

Team Sports

If you're used to playing the traditional team sports, then try an Intramural Sports league. We set up leagues for men's, women's, and CoRec (males & females) teams of all different skill levels in a variety of sports.

Registration Guides
Some basic information for getting involved in our leagues is detailed below. However, if you know you'll be the team captain, or just a player, or searching for team, you can get a detailed rundown of what you need to do to play in our Team Captain's Registration Guide and Participant Registration Guide, each available online separately.

Forming a Team
The easiest way to get involved in team sports is to form a team on your own. You and a couple friends, perhaps the hall of your dorm or the neighbors in your apartment complex. Student organizations such as fraternities and sororities as well as other campus groups often put together teams. Ask your organization at its next group meeting. To find out how many players you'll need for a complete team, browse through the sport's rules or check our team captain’s guides, available on the UNF Intramural Website.

How to Register

Once you've got a squad together, you'll need to register. The key here is to REGISTER EARLY! So, when you do register? Well, each sport has its own registration period. To find out when that is for each sport, please look on our calendar of events on the UNF Intramural Website.You'll register for all sports via IMleagues on the UNF Intramural Website. We advise attempting to register on the FIRST DAY of the registration period. Remember you are required the minimum amount of players for that sport in order to sign up a team in that league.

Registration Options
Team sport registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. In general, leagues are set-up so that each team plays once each week at the same time and on the same day for four straight weeks with a single elimination tournament the week following the regular season. We'll offer different leagues on different days and at different times. For example, our men's league times could be Mondays at 8, Tuesdays at 9, and Thursdays at 10. You'd then select one of these times for your team. Teams can only register for one time period in a sport. Have an idea of when your team will be available to play when you go on IMleagues to register so that you can be flexible in case the time you had wanted is already full when you arrive. Like getting a good class time, our popular days and times fill VERY QUICKLY, so the earlier your team registers, the better. Captains can start creating their teams at the beginning of the semester, then will be able to sign up for a time slot starting at 8am the morning that registration begins (providing the team has the minimum number of plays for that sport). Remember, you can't sign up for a time slot until you have met the minimum player requirements for that particular sport. Those teams that could not get into a league because all of the division time slots are full should sign up on the Waitlist (on IMLeagues for the league you wish to play in) and the Intramural Office will contact you after registration closes (3pm Thursday of that sport’s registration week) with available options for you to sign up.

Regular Season Schedules & Team Rosters

Regular season schedules for the teams are available online via IMLeagues the Friday of registration week. Check it out and you'll see who you play throughout the season. On the night of your game your team members should arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign-in at the game site. A UNF Osprey 1card is required for all participants. You can add players at any time during the regular season, or during playoffs.  Players can only play on ONE male or female team, plus a CoRec team if they wish, and once a player has joined a team he/she can NOT switch to another team. Play each game and behave yourself (we have team sportsmanship requirements) and you'll advance to the playoffs.  More specific information is also available online in the UNF Intramural Handbook.


Team Sport Free Agents

OK, so all this stuff about registering a team is great, but what if you don't know enough people to form a team on your own? Well, for most of our major team sports, we will put together free agent lists. To register as a free agent for a sport, sign up on IMleagues in the free agent section for the sport you wish to play. You can also select the times that you are available to play so that the team captains can recognize your interest in joining a team in that division. Learn more in the Free Agent Section of the UNF Intramural Handbook.


Tournament Events and Meets

Intramural Sports hosts several tournament events and meets that happen just once each semester. To make sure you don't miss our swim meet, for example, be sure to check the calendar of events in the Intramural Website for the event dates.


Still Have Questions?

No problem. Simply stop by the Intramural Sports Office in the UNF Field House (Building 26, Room 1004) any weekday and speak to our friendly office staff.

Contact Justin Cato at (904) 620-2646 or