Press Release for Thursday, August 11, 2011

Landscape Photography Exhibition Opens at MOCA

Carl Holman, Assistant Director

Public Relations

(904) 620-1921

The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, a cultural resource of the University of North Florida, presents “No Place in Particular: Images of the American Landscape,” a photography exhibition that investigates the visual, societal, and ecological consequences of postwar development, starting Saturday, Sept. 17, in the UNF Gallery at MOCA.  


 “Since the end of World War II, largely due to a constantly increasing population and government subsidy, suburbia has exploded across the nation’s landscape. While the phenomenon has given many people the opportunity to own homes and escape from the problems they face in cities, conversely, developing suburbanization has homogenized the landscape, fragmented vast amounts of natural habitat, and exacerbated dependency on the automobile,” said Dr. Alexander Diaz, assistant professor of photography at UNF.  


The photographers of this exhibition reveal the ordinary in a unique and thoughtful manner that encourages contemplation regarding modern land-use practices and the particulars of place. Participating photographers include Jeremiah Ariaz, Bryon Darby, Jeff Rich, Matt Siber, Steven B. Smith, Amy Stein, Michael Vahrenwald and Scott Wheeler. 


Curated by Diaz, “No Place in Particular: Images of the American Landscape” is a component of the museum’s celebration of photography this fall.  Other accompanying exhibitions include “Shared Vision: The Sondra Gilman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla Collection of Photography” – hailed as one of the best private photo collections by Art News – and Larry Clark’s “Tulsa Series.” 


 For more information about the museum and its related activities, visit or call MOCA at (904) 366-6911.