Press Release for Friday, November 5, 2010

History Professor Discusses New American Politics Book at Bookmark

 Joanna Norris, Associate Director  

 Department of Public Relations 

 (904) 620-2102 





 Author Dr. David Courtwright, a Presidential Professor in the Department of History at the University of North Florida, will be discussing and signing his new book, “No Right Turn: Conservative Politics in a Liberal America,” 

at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 12, in the Bookmark bookstore, located at 220 First Street in Neptune Beach. 



Courtwright gives a provocative overview of American politics since the 1960s and takes a hard look at the counter-revolutionary dreams of conservatives and finds them unfulfilled. He deftly profiles celebrated and controversial figures from Clare Booth Luce, Barry Goldwater and the Kennedy brothers to Jerry Falwell, David Stockman and Lee Atwater.  



He shows readers Richard Nixon’s keen talent for turning popular anxieties about morality and federal meddling to Republican advantage, and his inability to translate this advantage into reactionary policies. Meanwhile, religious conservatives floundered on abortion and school prayer, obscenity, gay rights and legalized vices like gambling, and fiscal conservatives watched in dismay as the bills mounted. 



Courtwright also illustrates how President Reagan’s mélange of big government, strong defense, lower taxes, higher deficits, mass imprisonment and patriotic symbolism proved an illusory form of conservatism. Ultimately, conservatives themselves rebelled against George W. Bush’s profligate brand of Reaganism. His account is both surprising and compelling, a bracing argument against some of our most cherished clichés about recent American history.


 For more information about this event, contact Rona Brinlee at at (904) 241-9026 .