Press Release for Wednesday, August 4, 2010

UNF World-Wide Online Literary Journal Releases Latest Issue

Joanna Norris, Associate Director

Department of Public Relations

(904) 620-2102


Fiction Fix, the literary journal of the University of North Florida, has released its 7th issue online at This issue of the world-wide journal is a special short issue, featuring 11 works all under 10 pages in length.

“It has been said that the short story may be the ideal form for our information-and Internet-driven culture, and the stories published here are exemplary of the form,” said April E. Bacon, the journal’s editor-in-chief. “We’re delighted that this issue has such a strong North Florida presence—it’s representative of the fact that Jacksonville is a real, burgeoning city for the arts.”

A few of the stories include Dan Buyanovsky’s comical “Death-Swirly,” which chronicles a desperate dream that ends with a life going down the toilet, while Stephen Williams’ “Lauren’s Sparrow” telescopes the distance between a father and a daughter when a shared memory is not truly shared.

Intermixed throughout the stories are 24 artworks—photographs by international painter and mixed-media artist Louise Freshman-Brown, a UNF art professor, and finger paintings by UNF student Devin Balara.

Fiction Fix was founded by author, musician, artist and UNF faculty member Mark Ari and UNF students in 2002. The journal seeks to publish all varieties of fiction and is based on the premise of fiction as an addictive experience.

Since its inception, the journal has been a part of a growing literary community in Northeast Florida and has attracted authors from across the United States and around the world. In October 2009, Fiction Fix published its first online issue, which included nearly 30 artworks by four artists.

For more information about Fiction Fix, contact April Bacon at