Press Release for Friday, October 30, 2009

Fiction Fix Inaugural Online Edition Available on Halloween


Joanna Norris, Assistant Director

Department of Media Relations and Events

(904) 620-2102


The inaugural online edition of “Fiction Fix,” a University of North Florida literary journal, will be available just in time for Halloween. This addition has nine new remarkable stories and for the first time, integrates nearly 30 artworks by four artists.


Guided by Editor-in-Chief April Bacon and UNF Faculty Advisor Mark Ari, “Fiction Fix 6” features authors from around the U.S. and world, positioning the journal as a player on the international literary arts scene. At the same, true to its North Florida roots, the journal showcases several UNF alumni and students.


The visual arts in this first online issue include local artists and some from all over the country. Local artist Shannon Estlund’s darkly compelling visions of dresses and chairs appear in this issue. She paints in Park Street Studios in Riverside and is currently the Riverside Art Market’s volunteer and non profit coordinator. Melissa Bryant, an illustration and textile artist from Indianapolis, includes remarkable furniture pieces, which are digital collages that reveal the emotional life of chairs.


Other artwork in this issue includes Laura Ferrara’s oils, a compendium of ghostly images and symbols that record the artist’s inner life. Her artwork can be found in homes all over the world and at her ArtSpring studio in Silver Spring, Md. Renee Press’s totemic watercolor and colored pencil works are also included in the online debut edition. She is an artist living on the shores of the Puget Sound in Washington State.


This year’s Editor’s Choice Award goes to Klemen Pisk, a Slovene author, poet and musician, for his magical portrayal of a linguist in “Vilnius.” Pisk has been published around the world and in many languages, but “Vilnius” is his first work to be published in English.


UNF senior Thomas Karst takes the Reader’s Choice Award for “Outside,” a haunting narrative that uses silence as much as voice to communicate the depths and reaches of human pain.


The previous five volumes of the literary journal have all been published in a print format, so the editorial staff hopes to reach an even wider audience by creating the free, online version of the journal. “Fiction Fix” is affiliated with River House, the virtual writer’s house of UNF.


“Fiction Fix 6” is available online at For more information, contact Mark Ari at (904) 699-7559.