Press Release for Monday, March 21, 2005

Botball 2005: Florida Region Educational Robotics Program at UNF

Eleven teams of middle and high school students from area schools participated in the Florida Region Botball 2005 tournament, held Saturday, March 19 at the University of North Florida. Episcopal High School took top honors, with Cornerstone Academy of Gainesville taking second place. Top teams from Botball regionals across the nation are invited to participate in the national Botball tournament, to be held this year July 14 - 17 at the UNF University Center.

Historically, Florida teams have done well at the nationals, including both a first place in 2000 and a second place in 1999.

The tournament is the concluding event for a seven week educational robotics program featured in 13 different regions across the country, providing students and teachers alike with the opportunity to work with state of the art robotics equipment not normally available to pre-college students. The competition challenges students to design and build autonomous robots whose performance and survival capabilities are demonstrated in a unique Botball game that changes from year to year. Team scores include not only tournament performance, but also the quality of on-line documentation each team prepares as part of the Botball program. The Florida region has been hosted by UNF since 1997 under the sponsorship of the UNF College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction.

Photos from the competition are available upon request.

Botball Educational Robotics Programs are presented by the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to linking people and technology through robotics. For more information, visit This national tournament is the highlight of the National Conference on Educational Robotics conducted by the KISS Institute each year.

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