Press Release for Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Local Colleges Address Community Issues: Getting a College Degree is a Key Solution

Contact: Joanna Norris, Assistant Director
Department of Media Relations and Events
(904) 620-2102

The presidents of the University of North Florida, Edward Waters College and Florida Community College at Jacksonville jointly announced at a news conference today that former Sheriff Nat Glover has been retained by UNF, in conjunction with EWC and FCCJ, to be an envoy to the community, encouraging students to stay in school and pursue a college degree. The presidents of the institutions all spoke to how education is the key to solving a variety of community problems such as crime, unemployment and racial tension.

“A college graduate will earn $1 million more in his or her lifetime than someone without a college degree. I’m going to try to orient our local kids toward staying in school until they graduate from college,” said Glover. “There are great local options here in Jacksonville, and I’m going to try and steer students to the appropriate institutions.”

UNF President John A. Delaney, EWC President Oswald Bronson Sr., and FCCJ President Steven Wallace stated that their respective institutions don’t compete for students, though it isn’t uncommon for students to attend two of the institutions in advancing their academic careers. For example, Glover received his bachelor’s degree in social science from EWC and a master’s in education from UNF.

“We need to put a face on higher education with the young people in our primary and secondary schools, and Nat can really reach out in that community for all of us,” said Delaney. “I see Nat as an ambassador for higher education. In turn, we all win because an educated workforce means a stronger community.”

“We’re going to make sure that every kid that is eligible to go to college, goes to college,” Glover said.

Glover will be a special advisor to the president at UNF on a part-time basis and will assist in other internal matters at UNF, including management and donor relations. Additionally, he will steer students to EWC and FCCJ, where appropriate.

“Nat Glover is the perfect man for this job. He comes with a wealth of experience as a community leader with a vision and passion. He has spent his own time and resources to champion the cause for the education and empowerment of our youth,” said Dr. Oswald Bronson, president of EWC. “Edward Waters College welcomes the energy, the vision and the passion Nat will bring to forging a true collaboration between our three institutions in this critical area.”

“This appointment aligns with the Blueprint for Prosperity, the Prosperity Scholarship Fund and other efforts of government, corporate and educational leadership to strengthen our region’s educational level and ultimately our economic development. Nat Glover, by his experience, character and reputation, is the ideal individual to persuade and encourage these young citizens onto the path toward success for themselves and their community,” said Dr. Steven Wallace, president of FCCJ.

Glover was elected Sheriff of Jacksonville in 1995, serving in that position until 2003. He has always exhibited a passion for higher education, first by requiring all new hires in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to have a bachelor’s degree, then by donating his own pension benefits, worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars, to a college scholarship fund for deserving low-income children.

He joined the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in 1966, becoming an investigator in the Detective Division in 1969 and getting promoted to sergeant in 1974. Glover also headed the Police Hostage Negotiation Team and served as chief of services. He was later named deputy director of Police Services, one of JSO’s top positions.

The Jacksonville native has received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Alumni Award and Distinguished Alumni Award, both from UNF; the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award for his efforts to combat crime through community involvement; the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award; and the Sallye B. Mathis Award for outstanding community service.

Glover is also involved in several community organization as well as serving on the board of St. Stephen AME Church. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Fraternal Order of Police and the Brotherhood of Police Officers.