Press Release for Monday, November 25, 2002

UNF Announces Relocation Plan


JACKSONVILLE -- The University of North Florida announced plans today to relocate a number of faculty offices and classes from a building that has been extensively damaged by water intrusion.
University officials informed students and faculty that the second floor of the Social Sciences Building (Bldg 11) will be vacated effective with the start of Spring Semester classes in January.

Significant design and structural problems in Building 11 have resulted in water intrusion and consequent development of mold in certain areas. While interior air tests of the building indicate the concentration of mold is less than the level present in the ambient air outside the building,, University officials believe it is prudent to move faculty, staff and students from the area.

Since the building is scheduled to be substantially renovated in the near future, it was determined it would be unwise to make an extensive investment in remediation and repair of the damaged areas at this time. The UNF Board of Trustees this week approved requesting $10 million to remodel the building as the top priority for PECO funding in the next legislative session.

Additional testing is planned for the first floor of Building 11 to verify the extent of damage in that area. The results of those tests will be evaluated to determine if additional relocation is necessary.

About 80 faculty will be moved to temporary offices in the Robinson Student Life Center (Bldg 14) and other campus locations. Some faculty will be moved to other offices on campus at a later time as new space can be made available.