Press Release for Monday, August 26, 2002

UNF Goes Back To School

Classes began at the University of North Florida today with 13,645 students, almost 500 more than last year. More than two thousand students will be living in on-campus housing.


All students, both residential and commuter, will find many Welcome Back Week activities on campus, including movies, parties and fraternity and sorority rush.

Greeting them will be several new food service locations, either renovated or newly built as part of the $3.75 million spent by Chartwell’s, the new campus food vendor. Among the changes are a new full service restaurant, Wackadoos (formally the Boathouse) which will include table service and be open until midnight seven days a week. Other dining options include a Freshen’s Smoothie bar, sandwiches and salads under the Au Bon Pain label and a soon-to-open Sbarro’s Pizza.

Students will also be able to buy their books and supplies at the newly renovated UNF Bookstore which is now being serviced by Follett.

The Freshmen Interest Groups which have been offered on campus for a few years have expanded to include a residential component. The FIGS, which include three interrelated classes on a theme, has the same group of students in attendance which allows them to get to know each other and the professors better, an advantage to students who are first time in college. The new residential FIGS will take it one step further and include a group of students who live in the same dorm and have some of their classes taught right in the Housing area.

Of the 11 FIGS being taught this fall by 33 faculty members, five are new for the fall semester. The new FIGS include such topics as examining biotechnology terrorism and exploring the customs, cultures and languages of other countries.