Press Release for Wednesday, April 24, 2002

UNF Plans Two Commencement Ceremonies May 3

The University of North Florida will host two commencement ceremonies on Friday, May 3.


The first will be at 3 p.m. with the graduates from the Colleges of: Business Administration; Health; Education and Human Services. The 7 p.m. ceremony will include graduates from the Colleges of: Arts and Sciences; Computing Sciences and Engineering. Both ceremonies will be conducted in the UNF Arena. Tickets are required for admission.

While there will not be a graduation address at either ceremony UNF President Dr. Anne H. Hopkins and Student Government leaders will extend greetings to the 955 bachelor’s, 219 master’s and seven doctoral students awaiting diplomas.

The commissioning of 17 officer candidates, the largest group ever from UNF, will take place at the 7 p.m. ceremony.

The Senior Service Award from the UNF Alumni Association will be awarded to Samuel Lansdale of Lakeland, Fla. who will graduate with a degree in building construction management at the 7 p.m. ceremony.

“As a freshman, I made a conscious decision to make a positive difference and leave the University of North Florida a better place than when I first arrived,” said Lansdale. “My main focus was to use my talents and energies to improve the lives of the people I interacted with on a daily basis.”

The two vehicles Lansdale worked through were Student Government where he served as a senator and as chair of the budget and allocations committee, the group responsible for a $2.8 million budget collected from student fees.

He also served as president of the Presidential Envoys, a group of students who act as the University’s hosts for visitors to campus and who also conduct service projects in the community. Among other charities the group worked with HabiJax, Make a Difference Day, the Baptist Home for Children and his favorite activity, filling stockings for the Salvation Army at Christmas. While maintaining his schedule of volunteer activities and his academic studies Lansdale worked 30 hours per week as a construction engineer at Hubbard Construction Company.

One of the lasting ways Lansdale hopes to leave his mark at UNF is through the creation of a student advisory council for each of the University’s five colleges, even as the University continues to grow each year. “In this way a group of students, faculty, staff and alumni are together in the same room talking and interacting and possibly affecting academic policy,” he said.