Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2009


Proposal Development Grants    

Thobias Sando         Engineering                   Development of Transit Related Grant Proposals with FDOT
Randall Tinnin Music UNF Music Education and Enrichment Initiative
Jacob Vigil Psychology Social Influences on Pain Perception in Adolescents with Chronic Illness

Scholarship Grants   

Denis Bell Math and Stats Riemannian Geometry on Path Space  
Andrew Buchwalter Philosophy  Dialectics, Politics, and the Contemporary Value of Hegelian Philosophy 
Joseph Butler Biology Habitat Restoration Techniques to Enhance a Gopher Tortoise Population on the Campus of University of North Florida
Keith Cartwright English  Sacral Grooves/ Limbo Gateways: Voodoo Economy, Gulf-South Authority, and Making it Rite 
Vanessa Cruz Art and Design Icarus
J. Michael Francis History The Martyrs of Florida
Chris Gabbard English Idiocy and Wit: Mental Dis/Ability in Representation
James Gelsleichter Biology Development of the UNF Shark Biology Program: A long-term survey of shark abundance and habitat use in northeast Florida waters
Sami Hamid Math and Stats On the Structure of Bounded Linear Operators
Wanda Lastrapes and Meiko Negishi Foundations and Secondary Education Preserve Teachers' Cultural Sensitivity and Self-Efficacy in Teaching Diverse Populations
Christopher Leone Psychology Understanding Differential Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse: Why Are Some Forms of Child Abuse Neglected Within a Community?
Clark Lunberry English Writing on Water: Extensions of Text (and Teaching) onto Landscape (An Art Installation and Book Proposal)
Judith Ochrietor Biology Investigation of Metabolic Activity in Photoreceptor Neurons
Cliff Ross Biology  Seagrass Wasting Disease: The Decline of Seagrass Meadows 
Bart Welling English Eco-Porn: Revisualizing the Aesthetics and Ethics of Nature- Love in Modern Visual Culture
Gregory Wurtz Chemistry and Physics Non-linear Optical Properties of Plasmonic Crystals

Teaching Grants

Adel Boules                                        Math and Stats    Computational Mathematics
Candice Carter Childhood Education  Development of a Peace Education Course for Multiple Programs 
Keith Cartwright English Reading Jax (Jackson's Villes, Squares & Frontiers of Democracy)
Chiu Choi Electrical Engineering  A Library of Reference Designs for Microprocessor Applications 
Daniel Dreibelbis Math and Stats  Undergraduate Elliptic Curves 
Daniel Moon Biology Development of a Laboratory Component for Community Ecology
Allen Moore Athletic Training and Physical Therapy Using Podcasts to Develop Psychomotor Skills in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
Chloe Taylor Philosophy Philosphy of the Prison
JeffriAnne Wilder Sociology and Anthropology "Colorism in the United States": A Teaching Proposal for the Development of a Course Devoted to Skin Tone and Inequality