The Coggin College of Business Annual Report, 2007-2008 

Significant Activities in the Division during 2007-2008


  • The Coggin College was granted continuation of accreditation in April 2008 through 2013.

  • Successful search processes resulting in the naming of of two Coggin Distinguished professors (Accounting, Marketing).

  • Continuing high quality scholarly production by our faculty.

  •  As of March 31, 2008, we received cash gifts of $800,000 (80% of annual goal) and pledges of $1 million (100% of annual goal).

  •  Positive assessments of the Coggin College Advising Office services.

  • Positve assessments of the Coggin College Career Management Services.



  • Faculty dedicated to high-quality student interaction and scholarly activities.

  • Excellent academic programs, including two (International Business; Transportation & Logistics) that are UNF Flagships.

  • Staff who are devoted to their duties and regularly go the extra mile to support faculty and students.

  • Business Advisory Council (BAC) that assists the College in focusing attention on critical issues that impact both the College and the greater Jacksonville community.

  • AACSB International accreditation, held by less than 10% of world-wide business schools.

  • An inside the college Career Management Center provides students and employers with important, focused services.

  • Our students engage in numerous community based and transformational learning experiences, most notably, study-abroad courses and internships.



  • Budget challenges that may inhibit our ability to maintain appropriate levels of academically qualified faculty.

  • We have now outgrown our building and we are in need of substantial improvements in both space and quality of facilities.

  • Improvement needed in our ability to balance (or negotiate) our desire to excel with the university's concern with control.

  • Improved development of faculty members for department chair responsibilities. This includes making these opportunities more attractive to highly qualified faculty.



  • To significantly improve the extent to which faculty/student interaction is enhanced through the use of technology. This includes development of distinct learning courses (whether 100% or hybrid).

  • To better communicate the brand of the Coggin College through improved understanding and articulation of the values embraced by the faculty and (ideally) shared by our students.

  • To develop a platform for student and faculty development in the area of entrepreneurship as a prelude to the search for a Slade Professor in Entrepreneurship.


  • UNF's budget situation will cause limits in course enrollments during the 2008/2009 academic year. This threatens the accumulated good will that the college has with students and employers.

  • Budget cuts put in place at the end of the 2007/2008 academic year were focused in the Coggin College largely on non-replacement of retiring faculty members. Although this approach avoids the elimination of existing faculty members, it is, of its very nature, not sensitive to the expected needs of the various programs for the future.