Student and OPS Quick Guide

The following quick guide has been designed to facilitate the recruitment process for a student assistant or OPS employee. You may wish to print this guide out and refer to it throughout the process.

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Step one:

  • Create the recruitment request on the OASys Hiring Official Site.
    • Refer to the OASys training resources page to learn how to gain access to the OASys hiring official site and create recruitment requests.
    • For questions regarding the creation of a student assistant or OPS recruitment request, contact the Office of Human Resources at (904) 620-2903.

Step two:

  • Submit the recruitment request for approval within OASys.
    • Student and OPS recruitment requests may be sent directly to Human Resources without any additional approvals.
    • Once approved by the vice president, the recruitment request will be submitted to Human Resources for final approval and posting online at the current job openings web page.

Step three:

  • As soon as the recruitment request is posted online, applicants may begin to submit applications online at the current job openings web page.
    • If an applicant submits an application or resume outside of OASys, he or she must still apply online.

Step four:

  • Once the application review date listed on the recruitment request has passed you may request for the recruitment request to be placed "On Hold."
    • Placing the recruitment request on hold prevents additional applications from being submitted while you review the applications already submitted.
    • Contact the Office of Human Resources at (904) 620-2903 to request the recruitment request to be placed on hold.

Step five:

Step six:

Step seven:

  • Make the job offer.
  • Be sure to collect the following information (for completion of the New Hire tab) from the applicant once they verbally accept the offer:
    • Social security number
    • Date of birth
    • Citizenship status
    • Start date

Step eight:

  • Set the new employee's application status to "Hired."

Step nine:

  • Change all remaining applicant statuses within OASys:
    • The applicant statuses should be set to either "Not Hired" or "Not Hired-Send Email."
    • Choosing "Not Hired-Send Email" will send out an automatic regret letter via email.
    • You may also use the "Applicant Address List" report to send out your own regret letters or emails.

Step ten:

  • Complete the New Hire Information tab within the recruitment request.

Step 11:

  • Change the status of the recruitment request to "Fill."
    • All the applicants must have their statuses changed before you can change the status to filled.
    • Upon filling the recruitment request, the point of contact and all hiring officials named in the recruitment details will receive an email confirmation that the EPAF has been submitted for approval.

Step 12:

  • The new employee must report to Human Resources on their first day. View the New Employee Resources page for more information.
    • The new employee will need to bring a photo I.D., such as a driver's license, as well as a social security card or birth certificate; or a passport.
    • A voided check is required to sign up for direct deposit.