Domestic Partnership

On Oct. 27, 2006, the University of North Florida Board of Trustees adopted the current equal opportunity and diversity regulation in which the University stated that it prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.  As an extension of that regulation and in accordance with its intent, the University is committed to providing eligible faculty and staff domestic partner benefits.  The criteria for receiving domestic partner benefits, the University benefits that will be provided to eligible domestic partners and the procedure for obtaining domestic partner benefits, are set forth below.

Criteria for Establishing a Domestic Partner Relationship

To be considered in a qualified domestic partner relationship for the purposes of receipt of University designated benefits, an eligible faculty or staff member and his/her domestic partner must meet the following criteria.  To establish a domestic partnership, applicants must declare:

  • They are each other's sole domestic partner and intend to remain so indefinitely.
  • They are the same sex.
  • They are not legally married to another person.
  • They are both age 18 or older and mentally competent to consent.
  • They are not related by blood to a degree of closeness which would prohibit legal marriage in Florida.
  • They would marry or establish a legally recognized domestic partnership if state laws permitted, and
  • They are jointly responsible for each other's common welfare and share financial obligations, which could be demonstrated upon request by providing proof of the existence of at least three of the following five items:
    • A joint mortgage or lease or other appropriate written evidence of common residence such as joint utility bills.
    • A designation as the primary beneficiary in:
      • one or both of partners' wills, or
      • life insurance policies, or
      • retirement plans.
    • Have a durable property or health care power of attorney.
    • Hold joint ownership of a motor vehicle.
    • Have a joint checking account or joint credit account.

University Benefits That Will Be Provided to Eligible Domestic Partners

The following University benefits will be provided to an eligible faculty or staff member or his/her domestic partner:

  • Health insurance stipend
  • Tuition scholarship program for spouse, dependent or domestic partner.
  • Use of University facilities such as the aquatic center, fitness center, etc. in the same manner as an employee's spouse would be entitled to use such facilities.

Additionally, an eligible domestic partner under this policy will meet the definition of a University faculty or staff member's "immediate family" for purposes of the following leave benefits:

  • Bereavement leave
  • Sick leave
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Leave Donation

Procedure for Obtaining Domestic Partner Benefits

Any faculty or staff member seeking domestic partner benefits must complete the domestic partnership certification and schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director, Employee and Labor Relations in the Office of Human Resources by calling (904) 620-2903. Those seeking domestic partner benefits must provide the Office of Human Resources with the required criteria discussed above. Once all required information is reviewed and verified by the Office of Human Resources, applicants for benefits will be advised, in writing, of whether their application has been approved and the effective date, if applicable, for the applicant's receipt of domestic partner benefits. Please be advised that domestic partner benefits will not be provided to faculty and staff until this process has been completed.

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Health Insurance Stipend Program

University of North Florida employees who meet eligibility requirements may participate in the Health Insurance Stipend Program for Domestic Partners to assist in defraying the cost of health insurance for a domestic partner. Please click the links below for detailed information about the program: