Gabor/UNFF Nominations Open

The Gabor Award Nominations are now open through March 6, 2014. Please take a moment to nominate a worthy individual. The criteria for the award is as follows:

  1. Completed a minimum of three years of continuous service in an A&P position as of July 1 of the nominating year
  2. In good standing and endorsed by the employee’s supervisor
  3. Evidence of current or recent activities (within the past three years) outside of the normal scope of the position description. 
  4. Excellence in overall job performance (professionalism, dependability, knowledge of the job and university operations, and works effectively and harmoniously with others) 
  5. Contribution to the university


UNF Constitutional Convention Feedback

The Constitutional Convention Process is in full swing. Please take a look at the Constitution on the website. There is a place to provide feedback on the site (including anonymously if you so choose). This document gives us the right as an Association to be an Association, as well as many other important rights…. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for you to contribute to the University’s governing documents.

A&P Elections

Have you considered running for office for the A&P Association? This year, elections will be held in May for the four executive board positions. Please feel free to contact any of the current board (Katie, President; Daniel Choisser, VP; Joseph Martin, Treasurer; Stephanie Howell, Secretary) on what it’s like to represent you all.