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We are delighted you have chosen the College of Education and Human Services at UNF. We are ready to help you get plugged in and on the right track toward your education goals. Below are some of our resources for new students, as well as links to the other areas of UNF that may assist you.



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Courses to Take During the First Two Years

What you need to take before entering COEHS


Bachelor's degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) have as their primary objective the preparation of educators with broad foundations of observable, measurable competencies that contribute to their personal and professional growth. These competencies should enable the educators to assist learners to realize their full potential in ways which are meaningful and satisfying to the learners and which lead them to effective participation as members of society.


Admission to the Program
Those entering the College of Education and Human Services must meet University admissions requirements as well as specific COEHS admissions criteria. You will need a variety of courses to satisfy all program prerequisites, foreign language, and General Education requirements. You will need to have passing scores on all four parts of the General Knowledge (GK) exam.


The following are the Florida DOE Course Requirements for students planning on becoming teachers within the state of Florida.


Education Core Prerequisites 9 hours
EDF 1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession 3 hours
EDF 2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators 3 hours
EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators 3 hours
General Education  

Communications, including:

  • Writing
  • Literature
9 hours

Mathematics, including:

  • College Algebra or above
    Select from MGF, MTG, MAC, STA Excludes MAT 1033 and CS 
6 hours

Natural/physical sciences (with one lab):

  • Earth
  • Life
  • Physical
6 hours

Social Sciences, including:
  • Introductory social science classes
  • Social science with cultural diversity
6 hours
  Fine arts / humanities / philosophy 9 hours
  Elective credit depending on area of teacher education 6 hours