Vision, Mission and Values


The vision of the College of Education and Human Services is to be active leaders and responsive partners in the study and enhancement of teaching and learning within diverse learning communities. Within our learning community, we engage with each other and our students as professional partners.



Since its founding, the College of Education and Human Services has defined its mission as the preparation and support of educators who are competent and contributing professionals for diverse learning communities in northeast Florida. The faculty are engaged as active leaders and responsive partners in the study and improvement of teaching and learning within a pluralistic society. We are committed to developing life-long learners who contribute to their communities and succeed in a changing world. Our mission is to engage with our students and professional partners in experiences that promote the following:

  • Candidate dispositions for the development and demonstration of ethical and professional attitudes and beliefs.
  • Ongoing, active reflection on professional practice;
  • Multiculturalism through educators who value diversity and advocate for the success of all P-20 students within diverse learning communities;
  • Professional growth of pre-service and experienced educators and other helping professionals;
  • Academic programs that are rigorous, standards-based, and apply innovative and enduring ideas about teaching and learning;
  • Scholarship for advancement of the professional knowledge base; and Service to the University, P-12 schools, the profession, and the community. Each of these elements of the mission will be described more fully.

Ethical and professional dispositions include honoring and embracing diversity, equity, and equality of opportunity. Ethical educators view themselves and others as valued members of a learning community. They model professional integrity.

Active reflection on professional practice means that educators and other helping professionals are committed to professional renewal, self-assessment, and life-long learning. Programs and experiences encourage professionals to engage in reflective practice and self-assessment, take informed risks, and participate in the change process.

Educators who value diversity are prepared to acquire and apply the tools, content, technology, and strategies needed to assure that all students realize their full potential. They work in partnerships among postsecondary institutions, community agencies, and P-12 schools with the goal of improving learning.


Values and Beliefs

We Value
Inquiry Excellence in Teaching The Community of Learners Learning and Development Integrity
We Believe In
Scholarship which informs and is informed by practice Instruction built on our knowledge base Valuing and honoring cultural diversity Promoting life-long learning Living and upholding our professional ethics
Innovation and improvement that result from the evaluation of existing practice Field based instruction Accommodating individual differences Fostering physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and cognitive growth Equality of opportunity
Knowledge based inquiry Instruction based on problems of practice The development of collaborative partnerships Nurturing holistic learning experiences Equity
  The use best and innovative practice A balance between the needs of the community Nurturing multiple ways of knowing Caring relationships
  The importance of modeling     Standards of excellence