Thank you for your interest in the College of Education and Human Services at the University of North Florida. The college currently has 14 undergraduate degree programs, 15 Master’s degree programs, 5 graduate certificate programs, 5 minors and a doctoral program in Educational Leadership. Instruction is offered through in-person, hybrid and online formats. Our nationally accredited programs are designed for individuals who are interested in teaching, leadership, higher education administration and other human service professions as well as in sport management and ASL Interpreting.   We also offer opportunities for our students to engage in “Transformational Learning Opportunities.” Over the past few years, these opportunities have included countries such as the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Austria, Slovenia and Belize.


As part of a regional university with a comprehensive mission, we are closely connected with the schools and school districts in our region. The vision of the College of Education and Human Services is to be active leaders and responsive partners in the study and enhancement of teaching and learning within diverse learning communities. In fulfilling this vision, we take our commitment to partnerships very seriously. Over seventy-five percent of our graduates either take new positions in local schools or are already employed in the school districts. Over twenty-five percent of the newly hired teachers in Duval County, our largest service region, are graduates of our program. Our students complete extensive educational programs, including comprehensive clinical experiences in local schools.


We have special relationships with professional development schools in four elementary schools in Duval County. Those schools serve children in poverty, as well as children with special needs. Our faculty members serve as professors-in-residence at those schools, and large numbers of our students work as intern teachers and complete other clinical experiences there. This program has been nationally recognized as the 2009 Award for Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement by the National Association for Professional Development Schools. Many of our departmental programs engage in community-based learning. We also are involved with the Jacksonville Teacher Residency (JTR) program, which is a partnership between Duval County Public Schools & the University of North Florida, supported by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund. Our faculty is committed to effective teaching and life-long learning and has research agendas that reinforce UNF’s commitment and mission to urban education.


I encourage you to explore our website to review our programs and find the one that meets your interest and career ambitions.



Dr. Marsha Lupi, Interim Dean  

College of Education and Human Services

University of North Florida