Florida Teacher Certification Requirements (Prior to 2006)

The following certification requirements apply only to those persons who applied for teacher certification BEFORE July 27, 2006. For current requirements visit these Florida Teacher Certification Requirements. 


 For individuals holding a Bachelor's Degree or higher in a field or major other than in an area of education, there are three different options to obtain certification in the state of Florida.

  1. Complete a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in the desired teaching field or  
  2. Complete an Initial Certification Master of Education in the desired teacher certification field (see The Graduate School) or  
  3. Complete appropriate Professional Education and Content/Specialization courses as a post-baccalaureate student in desired teacher certification field. There are additional requirements (below) beyond the course work to achieve certification if you pursue this option.  

Professional Education Requirements

Required of all those seeking teacher certification.  

  1. Three Semester Hours of Sociological Bases of Education
    Select ONE of the following:
    EDF 5608 Sociological Bases of Education
    EDF 6607 Education in America
  2.  Three Semester Hours of Psychological Foundations of Education
    Select ONE of the following:
    EDF 6211 Advanced Educational Psychology
    EXP 3412 Learning Theory
    DEP 3054 Life Span Developmental Psychology
    DEP 2300 Foundations of Adolescent Psychology
    DEP 2100 Foundations of Child Psychology
  3. Six Semester Hours of Curriculum and Instruction or General Methods
    EDG 6250 Instructional Strategies in the Curriculum
    EDF 6442 Assessment in the Curriculum
  4. Special Methods: Secondary, Middle, and K-12
    (Required for Secondary, Middle Grades, and K-12 Certification Areas)
    Select the appropriate special methods course(s) from A, B, or C.
    A: Select one Secondary Methods Course for Grades 6-12
    LAE 6339 Special Methods in Secondary English
    MAE 6336 Special Methods in Secondary Math
    SCE 6337 Special Methods in Secondary Science
    SSE 6385 Special Methods in Social Science
    B: Select one Middle Grades Methods Course
    LAE 4320 Middle Grades Methods in English*(eff. 9/98)
    EDG 5935 Middle Grades Methods in Math*(also MAE 4320)
    SCE 4320 Middle Grades Methods in Science*(eff. 9/98)
    EDG 5935 Middle Grades Methods in Social Science*
    Note* (Middle grades course numbers are subject to change
    and could be offered under a variable course number EDG 5935)
    C: Select one or two Methods courses ( K-12 Grades)
    ARE 4353 Art Methods: ( K-12)
    FLE 4333 Special Methods: Foreign Language
    MUE 4311 Music Methods Elementary ; and
    MUE 4330 Music Methods Secondary

Content/Specialization (Subject Area) Requirements (see advisor for details):
Elementary: 30 semester hours of Content Requirements
Middle Grades: 18 semester hours of Content Requirements
Secondary or K-12: 30-36 semester hours of Content Requirements
  • Practical Experience: Internship or Full-time Teaching Position
    The Department of Education requires either a semester internship OR two years of full-time teaching (contact the local school board for application procedures). The internship (12 semester hours) is a non-paid, full-time supervised teaching experience for one semester. Individuals who elect to complete the internship through the College of Education and Human Services must take the following course work prior to interning in addition to professional and content classes:
    EDF 3945 Field Experience I,
    (requires 50 hours of field work at an assigned school) and
    EDF 3946 Field Experience II
    (requires 50 hours of field work at an assigned school)
    EDG 4416 Classroom Management and Communication

  • Pass the Florida Teacher Certification Exam including the General Knowledge Test. For more information on these exams, visit the Florida Teacher Certification Exam page. 
  • Apply to the Department of Education for a Florida Temporary Teaching Certificate. Fill out form CG-10, send Official Transcripts of all college course work taken, and a fee of $56.00 for each subject area. County School Board officials and principals will assist new teachers with this application.
  • Pass a County Professional Education Competencies Program
    All teachers without degrees in education are required to complete this program during their first year of teaching (see local school board for details once hired).