Florida Certification Coverage

*Programs available at UNF.

Elementary Level Coverages 

* Program available at UNF
* Pre-kindergarten/Primary Education (age 3 through grade 3)
* Elementary Education (grades K-6) Effective 07/01/02

Middle Level Coverages (grades 5-9) 

* Middle Grades Mathematics and General Science (grades 5-9)


Secondary Level Coverages (grades 6-12)

* English (grades 6-12)
* Mathematics (grades 6-12)


Science Areas 

* Biology (grades 6-12)
* Chemistry (grades 6-12)
* Physics (grades 6-12)


Social Science Areas


* Social Science (grades 6-12)


Elementary and Secondary Coverages (grades K-12) 

* Music (grades K-12)) (College of Arts and Science)

Foreign Language Areas (grades K-12) 



Exceptional Student Education Areas 

* Exceptional Student Education (grades K-12) M.Ed, B.A. Effective 7/01/02
* Hearing Impaired (grades K-12) B.A.


Professional Service Areas (grades PK-12) 

* Guidance and Counseling (grades PK-12) M.Ed. (only at UNF)

Administrative Coverages 

* Educational Leadership


Academic Endorsements

* English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
* Reading Endorsement (grades K-12) in progress

Degreed Vocational Coverages 


Vocational Endorsements 


Non-degree Vocational Coverage