African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) Bylaws


The name of this association is the “African American Faculty and Staff Association.”  The acronym for the African American Faculty and Staff Association is “AAFSA”.



Section 1 – The mission of AAFSA is to develop a supportive network for UNF employees  of African descent, provide services that meet their needs, and promote cultural, educational, fundraising and civic activities in alignment with the academic mission of the University.

Section 2 – The objectives of AAFSA are to:

a) Enhance the University experience for employees of African descent;

b) Coordinate activities and programs;

c) Promote effective communication throughout the University community to enhance awareness of and support the AAFSA mission;

d) Promote networking, collaboration and camaraderie of employees of African descent;

e) Affiliate with other organizations and affinity groups (locally, regionally, nationally and internationally) that support the mission of AAFSA;

f) Promote the scholarly endeavors of UNF for undergraduate and graduate students through a scholarship fund.

Section 3 – The vision of AAFSA is to cultivate and enhance the professional network of every employee of African American descent.



All University of North Florida employees are eligible for membership. Membership shall be divided into two categories.

Section 1 - Associate members – Any UNF employee interested in the African American Faculty and Staff Association is entitled to be an associate member of this organization.

Section 2 - Voting members – A voting member is restricted to members who have paid their dues for the particular calendar year.


Section 3 - Memberships are for one year, effective from January 1 to December 31 and are renewed upon payment of the annual membership dues.

Section 4 - There shall be no discrimination or harassment as to AAFSA membership on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, marital status, veteran status or any other basis protected by state and federal law.




Section 1 - Dues for all voting members shall be $25 per calendar year.




 Section 1 - Regular meetings – The members of AAFSA shall meet each semester during a calendar year with proper notification of meeting dates to all members.  There will be one meeting during the following semesters: 1) Fall 2) Spring and 3) Summer.

 Section 2 - Special meetings – The President of AAFSA may call a special meeting of the members at any time by directing the Secretary or designee of AAFSA, to call, email or mail notification not less than three (3) days prior to the meeting, which Notice shall set forth the purpose of such meeting.



 Section 3 - Quorum – The attendance of the majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum for the purposes of voting on any official action of AAFSA.



 Section 4 - Voting and Procedure – Voting Members, as defined in Section 2 of ARTICLE III hereof, are the only persons who are eligible to make motions, second motions and vote on any motions, and are the only members eligible to be an officer or committee chairperson, to serve on committees, to nominate officers and committee chairpersons, and vote for nominees for office.




Section 1 - The Officers of AAFSA shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Historian/Archivist and Chairpersons of the: Membership Committee, Communication and Technology Committee, Finance Committee, Professional Development Committee, Campus and Community Outreach Committee, and Social Action and Welfare Committee.

Section 2 - Election of Officers – All officers shall be elected at the 4th quarterly meeting and shall commence performing their duties January 1.  The term of office shall be two years, not to exceed two (2) consecutive terms. 


A.  The election shall be conducted by secret ballot or on-line voting of the general body, the results of which shall be tabulated by the Secretary and the Treasurer.


B.  If, at any time, an officer is unable to continue in his/her elected post, the President shall nominate and the association shall approve/appoint a member to fill the incomplete term.


C.  Any officer who does not comply with assigned responsibilities may be relieved of office by majority vote of the Executive Board, or by a majority vote of Voting Members present at a meeting called for this purpose.  Appointment of a replacement shall be made by the President subject to approval by the Executive Board.



Section 1 - The Executive Board of AAFSA shall be composed of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Historian/Archivist.


A.  President – The President, if present, shall preside at all Regular Meetings of AAFSA.  The President shall call Special Meetings when he or she deems same to be necessary, and shall serve as Chairman of the
Executive Board.  The President shall, with the assistance of the Secretary and Parliamentarian, conduct all meetings in accordance with the Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order; and shall see that all officers perform their duties.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of every AAFSA Committee and serve as an ex-officio member of the University’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion.  The President shall do and perform any and all other duties that properly belong to the office under usual parliamentary procedure.

B.  Vice President Shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence.  The Vice President reports directly to the President and will oversee and otherwise perform the duties assigned as directed by the President.  The Vice President may be required to attend other committee meetings for the President.

 C.  Secretary – Reports directly to the President and shall be responsible for maintaining the e-mail distribution list of current members of AAFSA (information provided by Membership Chairperson et al) and shall be responsible for e-mailing all notices to the Executive Board and AAFSA members regarding Executive Board and quarterly meetings, minutes and other information, etc.  The Secretary will prepare a sign-in sheet for meetings, take Minutes for all meetings, and maintain a Meeting Minutes binder.  Final draft of the completed Minutes will be e-mailed to all AAFSA Voting Members and also the Communications and Technology Chairperson with instructions to add Minutes to the AAFSA website.


D.  Treasurer – Shall be the chief financial officer and shall be responsible for all monies collected and disbursements made by AAFSA.  The Treasurer will be responsible for all of the funds of the Association and shall collect all dues.  The Treasurer shall disburse money only after approval of the Executive Board, or the President.  The Treasurer shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable from any source whatsoever.  The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate set of books which shall be open to inspection by the Executive Board at any time.  The Treasurer shall propose an annual budget.  The Treasurer and President or Vice-President shall cosign all transactions.  The Treasurer shall provide quarterly financial reports at the Regular Meetings.  The Treasurer’s report shall be available to any Voting Member upon request.


E.  Parliamentarian - Shall ensure that the association adheres to established rules of order; be knowledgeable in Roberts Rules of Order and the Association Bylaws, and shall be advisor to the presiding officer of any meeting of the Association, the Executive Board or any of its committees in parliamentary matters. The Parliamentarian shall have such other duties and powers as may be, from time to time, prescribed by the Executive Board, or the President of the Association. 


F.  Historian/Archivist - Shall be responsible for documenting all Association activities, maintaining the archives of AAFSA consisting of reports, newsletters, press articles, photographs, videos, annual calendars and past events.  The Historian/Archivist shall collect and catalog Association documents, materials, and permanent records.

 Section 2 - The outgoing President shall serve on the AAFSA Executive Board as an ex-officio member for the first year of the new President's administration.




Section 1 - To promote the mission of AAFSA, the following standing committees have been established:


A. Campus and Community Outreach Committee – Is responsible for enhancing the university experience of AAFSA members by serving as a liaison to UNF student organizations, facilitating student and community development through mentoring, advising, and advocating participation in university programs and identifying and providing services to the Jacksonville community.  The Campus and Community Outreach Committee shall identify and organize projects that serve the mission of AAFSA and make recommendations and suggestions of activities that will benefit the general body.


B.  Communication and Technology Committee – Is responsible for facilitating the publication and distribution of AAFSA documents and events, publicizing achievements of members, and developing and
maintaining the AAFSA webpage.  The Communication and Technology Committee will integrate technology in the association’s programs and activities.


C. Finance Committee - Is responsible for the association’s budget preparation and implementation.  It reviews the budget prepared by the Treasurer to make sure it is consistent with the association’s goals, program of work and priorities established for a given term.  The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board as to financial adjustments or changes needed in response to changes in the association’s environment.  The Finance Committee shall identify financial resources and sponsors to support AAFSA events, assist with the establishment of a scholarship fund for students of African descent, and assist the Treasurer with the financial affairs of the association.


D.  Membership Committee - Is responsible for recruiting members and promoting faculty and staff participation to build the membership of AAFSA.  The Membership Committee shall develop and conduct on a continuing basis an information program for present and potential members to acquaint them with past achievements and present activities of the Association that affect their own professional lives, and to provide information on the structure and operation of the Association on how to work within that structure and on how to get maximum benefit from it.  The Membership Committee shall send out each year notices of annual dues for the forthcoming membership year, keep membership records, report membership totals, and prepare membership lists for use of the Association.  The Membership Committee budgets, designs, prints, and distributes membership application forms and informational brochures. 


E.  Professional Development Committee - Is responsible for promoting professional enrichment and encouraging involvement of AAFSA members in professional activities sponsored or supported by AAFSA or affiliate groups.  The Professional Development Committee shall provide continual resources for professional growth through leadership and educational opportunities for all AAFSA members.

F.  Social Action & Welfare Committee – Is responsible for coordinating social, cultural, and civic activities; for developing a greater sense of appreciation of potential influence in the community; for encouraging active participation in political activity; for addressing the quality and well-being of faculty and staff.


G.  Ad Hoc Committees - To promote the purposes of AAFSA, the President with the approval of the Executive Board, may establish ad hoc organizational and subject matter committees and appoint Voting Members to them, as deemed appropriate.


Section 2 - The outgoing AAFSA Committee Chairpersons shall serve as a committee member of the AAFSA committee previously chaired for the first year of the new Chair's administration.




Section 1 - Meetings and business of AAFSA shall be conducted according to the procedures prescribed in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (1990).



Section 1 - The President and Treasurer shall be responsible for all receipts and disbursements of funds for AAFSA.

Section 2 - AAFSA shall maintain a University account overseen by University personnel who adhere to established University guidelines and regulations.  All monies collected by AAFSA shall be received by the Treasurer, verified by the Secretary, and deposited by the President.

Section 3 - At each Regular Meeting, the Treasurer shall be prepared to, and shall report on, AAFSA’s financial condition. If the Treasurer knows that he/she cannot attend a meeting, he/she shall submit a written financial report to the President and the Officer who presides at the meeting shall read said report at the meeting.  

Section 4 - Any request for expenditure of funds from AAFSA shall be submitted in writing and reported to the Association at a Regular or Special Meeting.  The expenditures request shall also be reported in the Minutes and distributed to the AAFSA members.


Section 5 – An annual audit of the fiscal operations of AAFSA will be conducted by an external organization or non-affiliated parties.





Section 1 - These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted by a quorum of the Voting members present at any Regular Meeting or at any Special Meeting, if at least thirty (30) days written notice is given of intention to alter, amend or repeal or to adopt new bylaws at such meeting.