Florida Medallion Scholars

Required Forms

A Florida Financial Aid Application must be completed prior to high school graduation.



$77 per credit hour (*amount subject to change each academic year).  Awards are available fall and spring semesters only.

Requirements & Criteria

Required Credits

Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per term to be eligible.  A maximum of 45 credit hours can be funded each academic year.


See high school counselor or Bright Futures website for initial eligibility requirements.

Renewal Criteria

2.75 cumulative GPA. Full-time students must earn 24 hours/year. Click here for complete renewal info.

Additional Information

Students must apply prior to high school graduation. A student may receive funding for only one award (the highest award earned by the student will be selected). Funds will be returned to Bright Futures for any funded hours from which you withdraw, resulting in a balance due to UNF.  Withdrawn hours must be repaid to UNF.  Failure to repay withdrawn hours will result in loss of scholarship.