Federal Pell Grants

Required Forms

Student must submit an error free FAFSA.


For 2013-2014 the maximum Pell Grant (for a full time student) is $5645.00/year.

Requirements & Criteria

Required Credits

12 or more credit hours per term for 100% of offered award
9 to 11 credit hours for 75%

6 to 8 credit hours for 50%  (not all students will receive Pell funding at half time enrollment)

1 to 5 hours for 25%  (not all students will receive Pell funding at less than half time enrollment)


Pell Grants are awarded only to qualifying first time undergraduate bachelor degree-seeking students.  Students have a lifetime eligibility of six years for the Federal Pell Grant program.  Eligible students therefore may receive a Pell Grant until such time that they receive a total individual equivalent of six years of funding.

Renewal Criteria

Student must file a FAFSA each academic year and qualify based on Expected Family Contribution.  Students must maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Additional Information

Award amounts are determined by the Federal Government.  Grants are initially awarded based on the assumption of full-time enrollment, then pro-rated based on actual enrollment.  First day class attendance required.