Staff Directory

Club Alliance is a small agency in itself, but it collaborates with a wide variety of people, for a number of different reasons. Use this page to help you understand who’s who, and how to get in contact with them.


CFB stands for Club Funding Board. The CFB is a committee that appropriates club funding (things like Budget Boosts, and a club’s annual budget). Once a club’s funding has been appropriated by the CFB, the funds are entirely in the hands of the Club Accountant.


Club Alliance Staff



Zach Headshot

Club Alliance Director

CFB Chair

Zachary Mease

(904) 620-1470















Club Alliance Assistant Director

CFB Vice Chair

Leah Tolisano

(904) 620-1470




Club Alliance Paperwork Coordinator

Austin Misner




Club Alliance Events Coordinator

Jennifer McKeown



Student Government Staff



Treasurer Cam Headshot

Student Government Treasurer

CFB Member

Cameron Duffy

(904) 620-1760

Student Government B&A Chairman

CFB Member

Troy Bottom

(904) 620-1558


 Christopher Jordan


CFB Member

Chris Jordan


CFB Member

Holbrook Platts



Professional Staff



Margaret Szerba


SG Assistant Director

CA Advisor

Margaret Szerba

(904) 620-5842




Program Assistant

Kayleigh Harrison

(904) 620-2295


Club Accountant

Erica Calorel

(904) 620-1589

Club Sports Coordinator

Ray Bunch

(904) 620-2763