Staff Directory

Club Alliance is a small agency in itself, but it collaborates with a wide variety of people, for a number of different reasons. Use this page to help you understand who’s who, and how to get in contact with them.


The Club Funding Board is a committee that appropriates club funding (things like Budget Boosts, and a club’s annual budget). Once a club’s funding has been appropriated by the CFB, the funds are entirely in the hands of the Club Accountant.


Club Alliance Staff

Jackie 3


Deon 2




 Bucky 2


Jaclyn Glosson

(904) 620-1470

Assistant Director

Romainique Tota 

(904) 620-1470

Communications Coordinator

(904) 620-1470

Marketing Coordinator

 Aleksander Poderski

Club Funding Board 

Mccauley Headshot

Christopher Jordan



Student Body Treasurer


Mitchell McCauley

(904) 620-1760

Budget & Allocations Chair

Christopher Jordan

(904) 620-1558


Thomas Beaucham

Student at Large





Professional Staff


Margaret Szerba


Erica 2

Ray Bunch  

SG Advisor


Margaret Szerba

(904) 620-5842

Program Assistant


Kayleigh Harrison

(904) 620-2295

Club Accounting Associate

Erica Calorel

(904) 620-1589


 Club Sports  Coordinator

Ray Bunch

(904) 620-2763