Club Funding


Student Government Funding is not mandatory for any Registered Student Organization, but if an RSO would like funding, they can use this page to understand that whats and hows of the club funding process, as well as download any necessary forms and documents.


For a quick look at what steps need to be taken to receive club funding, check out this registration checklist.

Registration Checklist



Club Funding Explained

These forms and documents explain how the club funding process works, and what clubs need to do to access funds.







Club Funding Video

This video explains how to gain access to a SG Account for funding, how to access funding once you’ve got it, and what/when you can/cannot use funding on. We recommend watching this video before taking the Club Funding Quiz.


Club Funding Flowchart

This flowchart explains how to access club funding once you’ve been granted a SG Account




Access SG Account

These forms and documents are necessary to access a club’s SG Account.







SG Account Balance

Use this electronic form to request your SG Account balance.


Purchase/Reimbursement Request


Use this form to access the funds currently in your SG Account.


Budget Boost/Transfer Request

Use this form to request additional funds into your SG Account, or to transfer between line-items (if your club is budgeted by line-item). If additional funds are granted, a club will still need to access them with a Purchase/Reimbursement Request.


Signature Card

This form verifies that a club’s leadership has read the RSO handbook, and Titles VIII and XI of the Student Government Constitution. It is also used to check signatures on financial forms. It must be updated if leadership is updated.


Club Funding Quiz

This is a link to the funding quiz on blackboard. Only the president and treasurer are required to pass this quiz before a club can access its SG account. Make sure you are logged into blackboard before clicking this link.




Additional Forms and Documents

These forms and documents are necessary to access a club’s SG Account.







Approved Vendors

This is a list of UNF approved vendors – for ordering any type of marketing/graphic.


Budget Tracker

Clubs can download and fill out this tracker to better manage their finances.


Travel Request



Special Request



EIN How-To

Clubs have the option to open their own bank account (totally separate from Student Government). If a club decides to do this, they will have to create an Employee Identification Number with the IRS. This How-To is a suggestive guide of how to create an EIN.