Forms & Documents






If you wish to Start a Club and register with Club Alliance, your organization will need to complete the 'Registered Student Organization Form'




All clubs must complete this form to be eligible for funding.


  Club Signature Card    


If your club needs help funding an upcoming event, you may do so by requesting a budget boost using the form below.


 Budget Boost Form   


If you wish to appeal your clubs absence from a meeting or your club is on suspension with the Club Alliance office and you wish to appeal, please fill out the form below and turn it in to the Club Alliance office.


 Suspension Appeals Form


Clubs are able to check out road signs from the Club Alliance office. If your club has an event coming up and would like some free advertising, take a look at the form below. 


 Road Sign Request Form


In order to use Student Government funds, your club must fill out the Purchase Request Form found below.

 Normal Purchase Request Form 


*The normal purchase request is for people who use Budgets Process A, aka budgets boosts.*


Purchase Request Form for CBC 

 *If your club has applied for CBC you will use this form.*


Below is the form for clubs whom wish to apply for Student Government funding to travel to conferences/competitions. This form is only for people in CBC if you are not in CBC please contact the Budget and Allocations chair for help in receiving travel funds.

Travel Request  


Clubs that would like to apply for 'Special' funding can find the request form below:

 Special Request


To make a reservation for a club in good standing, complete and submit the form below:


Reservation Form

If you have any questions regarding club funding, or to take the Club Funding workshop online use the link below:




Club Funding Prezi


Have questions on how to gain access to your funds or the different funding options? Check out this simple flow chart on funding.



Funding Flow Chart

Want to see what funds you have left in your club funds from Student Government? Simply fill out this document.


Club Funding Request



 If your club needs more funds, learn how to get a $200 Budget Boost below:

Budget Boost Prezi

If you completed the Club Online Funding Workshop Online please print, fill out and sign this certificate and return it to the Club Alliance Office

Certificate for Club Funding

If you are a sports or recreation club you have your club members fill out liability forms to protect your club and the university. 

Sports and Recreation Clubs Liability waiver


New Leadership Form: If your club has a change in Advsior, President or Treasurer you must submit this form to update Club Alliance.





All clubs are asked to read through the Club Alliance Handbook to understand the polices and procedures of Club Alliance, Student Government, and the University of North Florida.


Club Alliance Handbook 2014-2015


Below is the link to the Student Government Constitution, the superceding document for the Club Alliance Handbook.


 Student Government Constitution  


When registering a club, you must turn in a constitution. If you are unsure what to put in your clubs constitution, take a look at the sample one below.

 Sample Constitution  





All clubs wishing to open a personal bank account must obtain an Employer ID Number (EIN), take a look at the packet below to find out how to do so.


Club Alliance Employer ID Number Packet 



Club Treasurers can use this Tracking Log to keep track of how much money is in their Club's SG account. 


 Club Index Sample 




Are you planning on purchasing T-Shirts and need to know SG's preferred Approved Vendors? Please find their names and contact information below:



Approved Vendors