Club Funding

Student Government (SG) Funding is not mandatory for any Registered Student Organization, but if an RSO would like funding, they can use this page to understand the whats and hows of the club funding process, as well as download any necessary forms and documents.


Student Government Funding isn’t the only way a club can receive funds. Any club can fundraise or collect on their own time. There are some restrictions throughout the university, so it’s best to ask before you do those on campus.



Student Government Funding Explained


These forms and documents explain how the club funding process works, and what clubs need to do to access funds.


To qualify for access to funding through Student Government, an RSO must meet the following expectations:

  1. Be in good standing with Club Alliance. This means that a club must uphold all of its responsibilities to Club Alliance, as defined in the RSO Handbook.
    RSO Handbook

  2. RSOs funded in part or in whole by SG shall be responsible for and shall comply with the SG Title VIII: Finance Code and Provisionary Language, and Title XI: The Executive Agency Statute, which can be found on the Student Government Website.

  3. The club’s president and treasurer must pass the Student Government Funding Quiz with 80% or more of the questions answered correctly. You should see the quiz from your Blackboard.
    1. If you are a president or treasurer, and you do not see the quiz, please contact Club Alliance. Chances are that Club Alliance doesn’t know that you’re the president or treasurer. Be sure to update info with Club Alliance every time it changes.
      Update Club Info



Step 1: Request.

Submit a request. Either a Grant, Special, or Travel Request.
If approved, your organization will receive an allocation.


Step 2: Expend.

Submit a Purchase Request to the Business & Accounting Office.

This request tells the Business & Accounting Office to reimburse you, or pay a vendor.

Be sure to follow the timeline for your request, and run any questions by the Club Accounting Associate.



RSOs may not utilize their SG Account for:

  1. Activities that solely benefit non-UNF students; such as materials, supplies, or resources benefitting philanthropic organizations.
  2. Construction, permanent structural improvements or remodeling unless approved by the Senate or previously allocated for such purposes in the A&S Fee Budget.
  3. Enrollment in courses, academic requirements, academic related projects, academic related trips, required academic activities, except for test forms and testing booklets.
  4. Alcoholic beverages.
  5. Travel reimbursements, and event/program reimbursements above the amount actually expended.
  6. Indirect travel expenses such as: excess baggage charge, valet service, and trailer hitches.
  7. SG Scholarships (Other than scholarships funded with interest of the A&S fee only).
  8. Entertainment that is not open to the student body, in general.
  9. Automobile rental other than through approved travel reimbursement.
  10. The purchase of items that will be resold.
  11. Activities for which an admission fee is charged for students, except for Student Government Sponsored concerts.
  12. Monetary Prizes, Gift Certificates, or Raffles.
  13. Prizes over $35 dollars per prize.
  14. T-Shirts over $7.00 per shirt.
  15. Polo’s or Uniforms over $15.00 per polo/uniform.
  16. Personal Items.
  17. Travel reimbursements for mileage for trips where it would have been more economical to rent a car and for travel under 50 miles round trip.
  18. Salaries and/or OPS wages, for personnel in support of a RSOs operation (however, lump sum fees can be paid).

Some other basic info:

Printed materials (t-shirts, banners, tablecloths, fliers, etc.) cannot be reimbursed. The University must pay for them.

Receipts for reimbursement must be turned in with the Purchase Request no more than 10 business days after the purchase.

Athletic equipment must also be approved by the Club Sports Coordinator: Ray Bunch.



For funding questions, see the RSO Handbook, or contact the Club Accounting Associate.

Erica Calorel





Request and Expend SG Funding


These forms and documents are used to access SG Funding







Grant Request

Use this form to request up to $1,000 from the Club Funding Board. The Club Funding board may decide that your request must be approved through the Budget & Allocations Committee.


Travel Request

Use this form to request travel funding from the Budget & Allocations Committee. RSOs can request up to $2,000 per fiscal year, but no more than $500 per individual.


Special Request

Use this form to request non-travel funding from the Budget & Allocations Committee. This request is typically used for non-standard purchases (ex: wrestling mats costing more than $1,000 total).


Purchase Request


Use this form to expend any funds that your organization has been allocated. You can request for SG to make a purchase order to a vendor, or to reimburse a club member.

Printed materials are NOT reimbursable. Only the Business & Accounting Office may initiate the order process (completed through a purchase order).




Additional Forms and Documents


These forms and documents might help a club with SG Funding, and can help a club receive funding outside of student government.







Budget Tracker

Clubs can download and fill out this tracker to better manage their finances.


Preferred Vendors

This is a list of preferred vendors for ordering any type of marketing, graphics, or printed materials.


Cottage Food


UNF has strict regulations on serving and selling food. There is a law that allows students to serve and sell specific types of foods, as long as they are individually packaged and labeled. See the link for all the info on this legislation.