First Generation Scholarship Recipient

First Generation Recipient 


Ebony Felix serves as a UNF Learning Guide with the UNF/FIE PreCollegiate Connections:  College Reach-Out Program, where she motivates educationally disadvantaged middle school students (PreCollegiate Scholars) from low-income families to attend and successfully complete postsecondary education.  UNF Learning Guides, many of whom are first generation college students and come from similar backgrounds as the PreCollegiate Scholars, help strengthen PreCollegiate Scholars’ belief that college success can be a reality for anyone who works hard, regardless of economic status or race. Each UNF Learning Guide commits to serving their students, which is evidenced in their preparation for Weekly Learning Sessions and the personal relationships they form with their PreCollegiate Scholars. UNF Learning Guides also receive on-going professional development training on implementation of the curriculum, group dynamics, and adolescent behavior. This enables them to effectively build a small learning community with their students.