Florida Department of Education/Office of Early Learning

As part of its mission, the Florida Institute of Education (FIE) promotes, develops, and coordinates collaboration among the Office of Early Learning through the Department of Education. FIE has been collaborating with the State of Florida, first through the School Readiness Act, and now through the Office of Early Learning at the Department of Education (OEL/FLDEO), for over thirteen years to provide technical assistance that is utilized throughout the state's early learning coalitions.

In 1999, the School Readiness Act was enacted by the Florida Legislature and signed into law by Governor Jeb Bush. The Legislature recognized that school readiness programs increase children's chances of achieving future education success and becoming productive members of society. During FY 2000-2001, the Department Education provided a grant to the Florida Institute of Education to provide technical assistance and support for the Florida Partnership for School Readiness. As a result of legislation enacted during the 2001 legislative session, school readiness programs were transferred through a Type II transfer to the Agency for Workforce Innovation. And in 2012 legislative session, AWI responsibilities were transferred through a Type II transfer to the Department of Education. The continuation of this technical assistance and support grant is funded by the Department of Education.

FIE, through this partnership, provide staffing and employment services to the OEL/FLDEO, as well as independent consultants. These employers and consultants meet the goal that OEL/FLDEO services have an integrated and seamless system of services to develop and implement enhanced tools to facilitate access to accurate and timely information for parents, providers, legislators, and other interested parties. These services continue to support the endeavor to develop an enhance capabilities to achieve these goals or providing assessment and analysis of early literacy program activities at the state's early learning coalitions.

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