Celebration of Women in the Arts

Women, Rhythm & Motion: A Celebration of Women In the Arts


The annual Celebration of Women in the Arts showcases women’s talents and contributions to the arts. The Women’s Center has sponsored this program for more than 27 years. Celebration of Women in the Arts is the first program to be hosted by the UNF Women’s Center. The foundation for Celebration of Women in the Arts was laid in 1987 and has significantly grown since then.

Past year’s celebrations range from poetry readings to film reviews and discussion. The 1990 Celebration of Women in the Arts program showcased various art forms including poetry readings, dance, musical performances and visual arts. Dance Bridge performed the musical “Cinderella a Tale of Survival" in 1995. It was written by feminist, composer and poet, Ferron and directed by Krissy Keefer. In 2010, ZapStar, featuring Rebecca Zapen, treated the audience to a musical performance. The 2011 Celebration of Women in the Arts featured musical performances and vocalists by the UNF Jazz Combo, Azschrielle Jackson and Wink "n" a Smile. "Rena J Experience" and "Hard to Handle All Girl Band" performed in the Nov. 16, 2012, Celebration of Women in the Arts. The 26th annual event, held Nov. 15, 2013, featured a musical performance, dancers, aerial artists, a soloist and an artist painting in front of the audience. Special guests included jazz musician Allana Southerland and The Fusion Bank, local artist Grace Bio, soloist Lindy Whitfield, step dancing by Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, Bollywood by the Osprey South Asian Association and the aerial and pole performers from Bittersweet Studios. 

 The 27th annual event, held Nov. 21, 2014, was hosted by spoken word artist Georgia M.E. and featured an African dance by the UNF African Student Association, a musical performance by the Hard to Handle Band, a Tahitian dance by Tahiti Tamure and aerial dance by Bittersweet Studios. The event culminated with a super sweet dessert reception.  


Past celebrations have included poetry readings, musical offerings, photographic exhibitions, dance performances, theatrical performances, visual arts, wearable art, book signings, film festivals and workshops.

Past Performers, Presenters and Works of Art include:

Azschrielle Jackson

UNF Jazz Combo

Wink "n" a Smile

Louise Freshman Brown

Kalliope Writers

UNF Modern Jazz Classes

Women Rock the Road

Women’s Chamber Group, Camerata pro Feminita 

“Waking Up”

The Moving Company of Facinatin’ Rhythm

Charlotte Mabrey and Lee Fagan 

Body Arts

Heartworks Gallery Artists

Jacksonville Coalition of Visual Arts

Marimba – “Memories of the Seashore”

“Song of the Elders”

The Women of the Calabash

“Wooden Music”

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

“Cinderella a Tale of Survival”




Celebration of Women in the Arts is during fall semester and is open to the public.