Student Safety Tips

For many of you, living and/or studying on a university campus will be a new experience. During this time you will make new friends, face new challenges, and be a part of a new and ever- changing community. As with any community, safety is an important priority. The University of North Florida is a friendly, caring and trusting community, but we are not immune to problems associated with crime. It is our pledge that we, as your police department, will do everything we can to keep you safe. But for us to do our job, we need YOUR help. As a member of the University community you can help control crime by reporting suspicious activity, taking extra precautions and being aware of the crimes that could affect you. This page is a brief introduction to help you and our community stay safe. We invite you to obtain additional information by contacting the University Police Department at (904) 620-2800.


Safety Tips

Suspicious Activity

We encourage you to contact the University Police Department any time you see something or someone suspicious. This could include an unfamiliar person loitering around campus, a person “cruising” the parking lot or someone trying to sell things door-to-door. We are here to respond to your concerns, so please don’t hesitate to call us. We would rather check out 100 “false alarms” than miss one incident truly needing our attention.


We don’t have to tell you that textbooks are expensive. Sometimes textbooks can cost more than tuition. Because of that, textbooks can be very valuable to a thief. Incidents have occurred where organized groups come to a campus and in one afternoon steal thousands of dollars worth of books. Sadly, other students have been known to steal a single textbook to sell for gas money. To prevent you from becoming a victim of textbook theft, never leave your books unattended, even for a moment. It also helps to mark your books with a personal identifier where someone would not think to look, like a specific page toward the middle of the book.

Locking Doors and Windows

It may seem simple, but it is very important to lock your doors and easily accessible windows, even when you are gone for just a few minutes. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. It only takes a few seconds for someone to enter your room or your car and take your valuables. We recommend that you always lock your door and windows when your room or your car is unattended. Don’t give someone the opportunity to make you a victim.

Letting Friends Know Where You Are and Who You Are With

This may not be seem the most cool thing, but it could save your life. If you are going out with someone you don’t know very well or if you are going outside of the campus alone, check in with a friend. This way if something happens, there will be someone who can alert the University Police Department that you may be in trouble and in need of help. Remember, the University Police Department is here to serve you, but it takes all of us, you included, to make the University of North Florida a safe campus to live, study and learn.