International Travel

Are you traveling abroad in your future? At the University of North Florida, the clinic offers travel health information and appropriate vaccinations to students, faculty, and staff. Registered nurses provide consultations offering CDC recommended immunizations, medical precautions, travel safety and tips on accessing emergency medical care. Information is provided on general health risks of travel, risks of contracting diseases related to international travel and methods of prevention including vaccinations. Consultations include an updated computerized report about health issues to consider while planning your trip, and resources for maintaining your health while abroad.


Student Health Services provides:

  • Pre-travel consultation for locations worldwide
  • Printed health itenerary
  • Personalized health advice
  • Affordable immunizations and medications

Please call (904) 620-2175 and make an appointment at least six weeks in advance of your departure date.


Education is also available for classes.


Please visit the Centers for Disease Control's Travelers' Health.