Legislative Reports

University Affairs Committee

University-wide committee reports will now be posted monthly on the Student Government website. University-wide committees are boards which discuss current University issues and concerns from areas all across campus. Members of your Student Government sit on these committees to support and serve the student body by promoting student initiatives. Each monthly University-wide report will inform you of everything that is going on within these committees and how they are affecting UNF’s campus life. You are encouraged to stay up-to-date with these reports; if you have any questions please contact Justin Turner at sgauac@unf.edu.


June Report PDF

July Report PDF   

August ReportPDF

September Report PDF

October Report PDF

November Report PDF

January 2013 Report Microsoft Word

February 2013 Report Microsoft Word

March 2013 Report Microsoft Word

September 2013 Report Microsoft Word


Student Advocacy Committee

Osprey Voice is a research tool used by Student Government to gather information about issues or initiatives pertaining to the Student-Body. The survey consists of 3-4 questions focused on collecting data to proceed with initiatives and make UNF a better experience for the students. The SG President, Senate President, and Student Advocacy Committee Chair compose questions depending on the issues that are presented to SG and then the Student Advocacy Committee approves the survey before it is given out to students.

If you would like to submit any suggestions for questions, please contact the Student Advocacy Committee Chair at sgasac@unf.edu or by phone at 904-620-1558.

Budget & Allocations Committee
Constitution & Statues Committee
Elections & Appointments Committee

Fall 2012 Elections Results PDF