Legislative Bills





Bill Number Title Legislative Action
(Yes, Abstain, No)
Executive Action
JR-16S-2960 Divest Yes  Approved 
SB-16F 3028 Fair and Free Counsel Yes Approved
SB-16F- 3029  UWC Communication and Reporting      Yes      Approved

SB-16F- 3035     

The Transportation and Logistics Society No 


SB-16F-3036  Encumbrance Rollover Yes Approved 
SB-16F- 3037    The Financial Planning Association No Approved
SB-16F- 3038 Kalilah Jamall No Approved
SB-16F- 3039 Lauren Mickler No Approved
SB-16F- 3040  Student Homecoming Yes Approved
SB-16F- 3041 Healthy Ospreys Club Yes Approved
SB-16F- 3042  Club Alliance      Yes  Approved
SB-16F- 3043 Organic Project Club No Vetoed
SB-16- 3044 Cru No Approved 
SB-16F- 3046 The UNF Men's Volleyball Team No Approved 
SB-16F- 3047 The Deadbird Rugby Club No  Approved 
SB-16F- 3048 The Marine Biology Club No  Approved






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