Legislative Committees


Blake BA


   Budget & Allocations Committee

Chair:  Blake Kennedy



The Budget and Allocations Committee is the gatekeeper to the Activity and Service Fee Budget. The Committee allocates funds to registered student organizations and allocates the yearly A&S Fee Fiscal Budget.






  Constitution & Statutes Committee

Chair: Shomari Gloster



The Constitution and Statutes Committee is charged with the important task of reviewing and when necessary recommending revisions to the Student Government Constitution and Statutes through legislation. The Committee also hears all absentee point appeals for Senators who have accumulated four or more points from missing Senate and/or Committee meetings.







 Amanda GO


  Government Oversight Committee

Chair: Amanda Wollam



The Government Oversight Committee is responsible for oversight in all intergovernmental affairs of Student Government. The GO Committee is responsible for creating, maintaining, and modifying the Senate Appointment Application. The GO Committee shall review and consider revisions to Title XIII:The Government Oversight Committee Statute. All revisions passed by the GO Committee shall be forwarded to Senate. 

 Chase   University & Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Chase Baker



The University and Student Affairs Committee is the liaison between the Student Body and the Student Senate and also functions as a legislative liaison between Student Government and the University Administration. They focus on the issues of students is responsible for attaining information about pending university developments through reports from all Student Government members sitting on University-Wide Committees and when necessary forward either Joint or Simple Resolutions to Senate expressing the opinion of the student body.


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