Parking Appeals

Parking & Transportation Services strictly enforces parking regulations, primarily to assure safety, but also to protect the rights of those who purchase permits and adhere to the regulations.


Citation appeals must be received within 14 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. (Remember that if you get a ticket on a Tuesday, 14 calendar days is the second Monday, not the second Tuesday.)


 Parking Appeals Form


For further information on appealing parking citations, please visit Parking Services.


Parking Tips

The Judicial Branch of Student Government oversees all student parking citation appeals, therefore we recognize the need for a bigger informational impact about the parking situation here at UNF that could help prevent you from seeing that bright yellow envelope we all dread. Over time, we have noticed several situations that could have been avoided with just a small piece of correct advice, so read below for a compiled list of Parking Tips and stay updated with the Rules and Regulations that pertain to you.

  • Driving secondary vehicle with out permit - inform Parking Services for a free temporary permit of equal value. This is only applicable if your primary vehicle has an affixed permit sticker.
  • Lot 16 (across from Crossings) is owned by the University Center, only a small section of 33 spaces (with red wheel stops) are dedicated for housing.
  • Driving a rental (due to windshield repair or car maintenance) – inform Parking Services so you may obtain a temporary pass, and continue requesting for one if more time is needed.
  • New vehicle – remove permit from original car and bring to Parking Services for a replacement of equal value.
  • Damaged permits – first replacement is free, second is $10. Provide damaged permit to Parking Services.
  • Lost permits – the replacement is charged at full price. The permit should be affixed at all times.
  • Stolen permits – need to bring a copy of the police report to Parking Services (Bldg. 52)
  • Permits purchased at kiosk in Lots 18 or 53 - only valid for Lots 18/53.
  • Students may get premium daily permit if carpooling (driver +1).
  • When ordering permit online, list the address that you will be at ten days from ordering.
  • Daily passes not displayed properly = “flipped over” or date not visible.
  • Grace period – doesn’t exist anywhere in writing.
  • Temporary permit – after online purchase of permit, printable permit for initial use till expiration date. If haven’t received permit after 10 days of ordering, visit Parking Services for replacement.
  • Night Premium passes – does not allow discount parking before 5pm, only valid for Premium parking after 5pm.
  • 20 minute parking – no permit needed, but will be timed.
  • Temporary Disability permits – to obtain: doctors note + parking permit to park in Disability spaces throughout campus (except 1st floor of the garages).
  • Event parking – events occurring during enforcement hours must still comply; find out if event provides directions on parking.
  • UPD always will ticket, even after Parking Services enforcement hours end for the day.
  • Holidays – the University does not close for the entire holiday like classes do, parking is still enforced.
  • Construction parking lot is there for the construction workers ONLY.
  • Appealing multiple citations – each must be appealed individually. 

  Parking Video Picture

A letter from the Chief Justice of the University of North Florida’s Student Government

Hello Fellow Osprey,

Receive a yellow envelope on your vehicle? Do not worry; I am here to help you properly prepare your appeal(s). I will take you through the appeal process so please review this document thoroughly.


 Useful Advice: Pictures can be very helpful in certain parking citation scenarios. I would advise taking a picture of your vehicle showing your permit properly affixed at the beginning of each semester (date included) and keeping it in your records.


  • Decide method of appeal: Written or Hearing.
  • Submit appeal by elected method.
  • Appeals are processed through Parking Services.
  • All parking information is then turned into the Judicial Council (Writtens/Hearings). *Expect 1-2 weeks for Judicial Council to receive appeals.
  • Once an appeal has been adjudicated on by the Judicial Council, allow 1-2 weeks to receive its decision. All decisions by the Judicial Council are FINAL.


 Written Appeals – a student may elect to send in a written appeal, which can be accomplished by either picking up a physical appeal form at Parking Services building (9A entrance) or by submitting it online. *This option means you would like to have your appeal adjudicated on by the Judicial Council without appearing in person.* When submitting a written appeal, any and all evidence is crucial in supporting your appeal, so consider the fact that you may be limited to including evidence if you choose to submit an appeal online.


 Hearings – a student may elect to appear in person for the Judicial Parking Hearing, which can be selected if a student wishes to personally appear before the Council to appeal their citation. If you wish to appeal in person, be sure to include any and all evidence when submitting your appeal, as well as bring evidence to the Hearing on the assigned date, which will be received via mail.


Additional Advice:  

  • Appeals must be submitted within 14 days from the day you got the citation. When writing an appeal, make sure to write very legibly and clear. If you are submitting an appeal online, you can start this process through your myWings Student tab on the top left section and then right below you will see Parking Account link.
  • If you have multiple citations you wish to appeal, be aware that each citation must be appealed individually, you cannot put all the information from multiple citations on the same appeal form. If you wish to appeal multiple citations and wish to appear before the Judicial Branch, you must elect “appear in person” on all the appeals submitted.
  • Be courteous and do not write statements that express anger or refusal to pay citations. Neatly and politely write, in detail, what the circumstances were when issued the citation and why you feel the citation should be appealed.
  • Be on time for hearings and sign in on the sheet in the Student Government rotunda. Names will be called back on a first come basis. When in front of the Judicial Council, be courteous and detailed on the situation of the citation received. Answer questions clearly as facts are important to the Judicial Council for making the appropriate decision. The Judicial Council will wait 15 minutes for a student to show up for their hearing. Failure to comply will result in an automatic DENIAL.