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On Campus Transition Program 

UNF is the proud home of the On Campus Transition program (OCT). OCT’s mission is to provide an innovative college experience for young adults with intellectual disabilities, while providing transformational learning experiences to university students, college educators, and community leaders. The OCT offers volunteer, as well as internships, practicum and field experience opportunities to students looking to get involved.


If you would like to become an active member of the On Campus Transition Program, please contact the OCT office located in the College of Education and Human Services (Building 57), Room 2800, at the email and phone number (904) 620-3890.

Woman’s Center Victim Advocacy Program

Every summer the UNF Women’s Center offers the opportunity of becoming a staff member of the 24-hour crisis hotline. If you are interested in helping the campus community as a Victim Advocate, contact the Women’s Center at (904) 620-2528 or to apply.

UNF Student Government

Did you know you can become a Student Government Senator? By becoming elected or appointed to a Senate Seat, you have the opportunity represent the 16,000+ students at the University of North Florida. By becoming a Senator, you have the ability to exercise your voice and decision power, on behalf of the UNF student body, during general Senate and Committee meetings. The Senate is a part of the Legislative Branch of Student Government and it meets either for General or Committee meetings every week. Along with the ability to become appointed as a Senator, you can also participate in the Fall or Spring Elections. Take a step towards empowerment and get involved with your Student Government!


Please contact the Elections Commissioner at for further questions.

Know Your Rights

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