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There are many opportunities to get involved in Student Government. We encourage you to contribute ideas, share your unique perspective and opinions, and take part in making a difference on-campus. The voice of our student body is essential for our Student Government to function effectively. For more information about us, you are welcome to contact our office or stop by and chat with your representatives in person; we are always looking for new students who want to get involved with Student Government.



Elections are held for positions within Student Government. For any questions, please contact the Elections Commissioner:

Fall 2014 Elections Documents


Elections Policies and Procedures


Elections Timeline


Elections Calendar


Financial Statement


Party Declaration of Intent


Senate Declaration of Intent


Executive Branch

The Executive Branch works to address student concerns on campus. The Executive Branch is comprised of the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President, Executive Cabinet, and Executive Agencies.



Elections for student body president and vice president occur every spring election. If you are interested in running for the position, you can click below to download an application. Any questions regarding elections should be directed to the Elections Commissioner:


Presidential Election Application

Executive Cabinet

The purpose of the Executive Cabinet is to advise the President and Vice-President on general matters and to assist in the coordination of the Executive Branch. The main duties of the Cabinet are to complete any initiatives, projects, events, and others deemed necessary by the President.


Digital Media Coordinator Application

Executive Agencies

An agency is an administrative division of the Executive Branch created to provide support, entertainment, and education for particular select interest group of the University of North Florida whether it be racial, ethnic, academic, or philosophical in nature.


Please visit the Agencies page for more information or click on the logos below:



   Lend A Wing Pantry Logo 


Legislative Branch

Student Senator

The Student Senate is composed of fifty-two senatorial seats, twenty-six fall seats and twenty-six spring seats. Senators are charged with the great responsibility of serving as a voice of the student body and representing the best interests of the students in both fiscal and statutory matters. More specifically, Senators have the ability to allocate the $4.5 million dollar Activity and Service fee budget, draft legislation, amend or create statutes, and vote on both fiscal and legislative bills.


Senators are elected twice a year in the elections held in the spring and fall. The Student Body President and Vice President are elected annually in the Spring to serve on a one year term. Voting takes place for two days at various polling locations on campus. In order to vote, students must have their UNF ID.


To run in an election, you can download a declaration of intent here: Senate Declaration of Intent


You can also download the Elections Calendar here: Elections Calendar


For more information or questions please contact the Elections Commissioner at or call (904) 620-2750.


It is also possible to become appointed to Student Senate in the event of vacancies between elections. 

If you have any questions regarding the appointment process please contact the Government Oversight Committee Chair at or call (904) 620-2750.


*Guests are always welcome to attend Senate and Committee meetings and are encouraged to make announcements or ask questions at the beginning of the each meeting during the ‘Student Remarks’ section. 

Judicial Branch

Associate Justice

The Student Government Judiciary consists of nine justices. Out of those nine, a Chief Justice is elected annually to preside over the Office of the Judiciary. It is the duty of these persons to interpret the Student Government Constitution and Statutes. The judiciary also settles disputes or complaints that students may have with Student Government, its agencies, and SG funded clubs. The Judiciary is the final say on issues of noncompliance, judicial complaint, or impeachment. Members gain important experience in the areas of due process and proper judicial procedure. They also represent the student body on the Academic Appeals Committee, Student Conduct, Parking Appeals Board, J-hold and Fee Appeal Committees. 

Please submit the   Associate Justice Application  to the Student Government Office.


For more information or questions, please contact Chief Justice Daniel Powers at or Chief of Staff Collin Waychoff at