Checklist for Parents and First-Year Students

Please review the checklist of things to do before attending Parent/Guardian Orientation. Check out this orientation check-list of things to do and discuss before your student takes off for UNF.


A handy new student check-list can be found here: new student orientation check-list


For additional information on our Orientation process, please refer to A Parent's Guide to UNF's New Student Orientation 

 Parent and Student Orientation Schedule of Events


Overnight Orientation                                    One Day Orientation


              July 9-10                                                                  August 20          

              July 13-14

              July 16-17

              July 23-24


 Registration for Orientation

Research shows that when parents get involved with the University and support their student, students graduate at a higher rate with better GPA’s, and have a more satisfying experience. We know that you will probably want to attend the same Orientation date as your student so please wait until he or she has a confirmed Orientation date before selecting your date. 


Cost for Parent/Guardian Orientation  

When you send in your registration form and pay the Annual Family Membership of $50 or join the Parents Association at a higher level, you will be registered to attend Parent/Guardian and New Student Orientation with your student.  The fee helps cover the costs of orientation publications, refreshments, and materials. This is the only way to ensure that we have your most current phone number, address and e-mail address as the University does not keep parent information. We need you to keep us updated on any address, phone number, or e-mail changes so we can communicate important campus information, including updates on campus closings and invitations to campus events.


Important Note:  While there are some sessions for both parents and students together, parents may not attend the student sessions with their student. The parent sessions are planned to inform parents about University policies and resources, and you must register

to attend. Your students will benefit from your support so join today and attend Parent Orientation.


How to Register and Pay for Orientation:  REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

To register to attend Parent Orientation you need to complete the on-line registration form. If you want to pay by credit card, follow the instructions and submit. If you prefer to send a check, you still submit the form, and then you mail your check to:


                                Office of Parent and Family Programs

                                University of North Florida

                                Building 9, Schultz Hall Suite 1103

                                1 UNF Drive

                                Jacksonville, FL  32224



 UNF Parent/Guardian Orientation Confirmation

Thank you for your reservation for the parent/guardian sessions at our New Student Orientation and congratulations on your daughter's or son's acceptance to the University of North Florida. The Parent Orientation fee also covers a one-year membership in the Parents Association. The dues for the parents association may be considered as a "gift" to the university which makes you a donor. When your payment is processed, it automatically generates a thank you letter which you can keep for your tax records. We also set up a parent record in our database so that you will receive a monthly electronic newsletter and invitations to events (if you provided an email).


This is the beginning of an important relationship with UNF. It is an exciting time for your new college student, but it can also be challenging. Now is the time to begin discussing finances, behavioral issues related to drugs and alcohol, academic expectations, class attendance and campus resources. The Office of Parent and Family Programs offers parent/guardian orientation programming which will provide you with ideas to get the conversation flowing. Parent/Guardian Orientation is planned to help you learn about the opportunities and challenges your student will experience and how you can support them. Our sessions are designed to be very informative, and we encourage all attendees to be present for the planned presentations. You will receive much of the same information as your student, but from the parent perspective.


Parking: The Orientation office is e-mailing your student one parking permit per family. Be sure to bring it with you and don't forget to place it on the dash board in a visible location each day of Orientation as the attendants don't look inside the car for the permit.


Community First Credit Union has valuable membership benefits to your student via their on-campus branch. Since your time on campus during Orientation is limited, we encourage you to consider opening an account online prior to your visit. When a student has an on-campus account, the staff at our branch assists the students with their account maintenance and advise them when considering taking loans for study abroad travel. Save time during Orientation and complete your membership application today by visiting An initial deposit of $5 to be held in your Community First Share account is required for membership. If you live outside of our five-county region, you will need to provide at least one form of government-issued identification (bring a 2nd if available) and the student's letter of admission to open an account and you can quickly complete the process during Orientation.


Pre-registration for the Bookstore Rental Program: If your student is interested in renting his or her books, direct your student to our rental website We also have an informational page at


Day 1 

Check-In begins at 1 pm. The program takes place at 2 p.m. and your day ends at 5 p.m. after the resource fair. If you arrive early, you can visit offices to conduct any business you need to do before beginning Orientation. Also your student will need to get his or her picture taken for the Osprey 1Card. Be sure your student has a picture ID for verification when applying for the Osprey1 Card. Medical Compliance will have staff at check-in to receive any immunization forms not already submitted. The Chartwell's business office is open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday if you still have questions regarding the meal plan. Find out more about Chartwell's policies on their website, Click on Meal plans and then FAQs. As locations and times are confirmed, they will be added to the website so please check back to this page. 


This is the beginning of two days where you will learn about the University while spending time with other parents. Over the years the parents said they would like to meet the other parents early during orientation so we encourage you to ask questions from the parents who have had other children in college as well as those who live near you or share the same interests you do. Your day is packed with informational sessions, but if you find some time with your student, please visit the UNF Bookstore and our campus branch of the Community First Credit Union for opening student accounts located in the Student Union.


You are welcome to stay on campus and eat dinner in the Osprey Café or enjoy one of the restaurants near campus and your hotel. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss some of the information you learned today and plan what other questions you need to ask when you return to campus the next day. Students will have their own schedule after the resource fair and will stay on campus overnight.


Day 2 

Day 2 will be 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lunch on your own is available at the UNF Café and Boathouse Grille or at Outtakes in the Courtyard area by Founder's Hall (Building 2) and at the Student Union. While there could be some overlap with the student schedule, you will not be eating with your student. We feel it is important for students to take this time to get to know the other students so they are encouraged to eat together.  


Our last parent session will be "Ask the Experts" panel for you to ask the questions we haven't answered, i.e., how much spending money, what type of computer, what do the students need to bring and what not to bring to campus, etc. To end the session, please complete an evaluation and turn it in along with your name tag. You will receive your "Proud Parent" t-shirt and  your student will join you for your last session of the day. When the session ends, your student will register for classes before leaving campus. The day will end by 5 p.m. so you can make that last trip to the Bookstore. The bookstore is stocked with the UNF Reads book for freshmen and the academic planners.


For your comfort, please note that some of our theaters are cold so you may need a light jacket or sweater. Also, you will be walking around campus so wear comfortable shoes like tennis shoes, not heels or sandals. Also, if you are bringing any guest, send us the name for the name tags.


 Hotel Accommodations

If you are traveling to Jacksonville, you will need to make arrangements to stay with a family member or you may require a hotel room. Your student will stay in campus housing on the first night of Orientation. If you haven't made a reservation, please support the hotels that partner with the members of the Parents Association:


            Embassy Suites                                                                               Hampton Inn

            Jacksonville - Baymeadows                                                           I-295 & Baymeadows

            (904) 731-3555                                                                                 (904) 363-7150


            Request promotion code:PO3-UNF special rate


            Courtyard by Marriott                                                                         Residence Inn Baymeadows

            San Pablo/Beaches                                                                         (904) 733-8088

            (904) -223-1700                                                                      

                                    Request special UNF corporate rate code of $74 a night

            Request special UNF corporate rate code of $74 a night


            Best Western                                                                                     Hilton Garden Inn

            Hotel JTB/Southpoint                                                                       Jacksonville JTB/Deerwood Park

            (904) 281-0900                                                                                 (904) 997-6600



            Spring Hill Suites by Marriott                                                          Residence Inn by Marriott

            Southside Boulevard                                                                       Deerwood Park

            (904) 997-6650                                                                                (904) 996-8900



Don't wait to get connected to UNF. To help you get started, remember that the Office of Parent and Family Programs is a resource for you, the newest members of our Osprey Family! We encourage you to be an active part of your child's experiences at UNF and hope you will visit our campus often. Take advantage of your Parents Association membership, attend events and stay informed of campus news. To request assistance, please contact Jeanne Middleton at 904-620-1567 or