Parenting is one of the toughest jobs there is.  Being the parent of a college age child is no easier.  To provide a little help, the Office of Parent and Family Programs offers the following resources to help you manage the often confounding world of higher education – so you can help your son or daughter make the most of their education and enjoy these years yourself.

The Role of Student Affairs

At UNF, students are our top priority.  The Division of Academic Affairs is, as it names implies, responsible for the quality of the instruction and scholarship. The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for the “incidental learning” or that which takes place outside the classroom, the quality of life and the personal growth of students attending UNF.  Please start on the Student Affairs homepage and see what we are doing to support your child – and in the process, support you.


Study Skills Workshops

The Academic Center for Excellence provides study skills workshops, CLAST review workshops, financial literacy workshops, and tutoring. Students can view the tutoring schedule, which is subject to change, at the ACE website.

Career Services


Choosing a major and entering the world or work are significant life transitions. Career Services offers hints on how parents can mentor their students. Click here to learn the four phases of career planning.


ABC's of Credit Card Finance

To learn the facts about credit card finance click here.