CEEP Information for New Students

Registration Information

  1. Fill out the application form Evening Application . Bring it to the placement test. 
  2. Pay the $20.00 registration fee by cash or by credit card and take the placement test on April 29, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
  3. Come to the English Language Program on May, 2014 to pay for your books, parking pass, and tuition.


*Classes $425.00 (cash, check or credit card; there is an extra $5.00 credit card fee)

*Books - $50.00 (cash, check, or credit card)

*Parking pass - $55 (cash or check only)

Parking Information

You must buy a $3.00 daily parking permit to park on campus.

  1. Parking passes can be purchased in Building 47 or Building 52.
  2. Please park in Garage 44.
  3. The English Language Program is located in Building 14E.