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 The Overseas Security Advisory Council of the U.S. Department of State

OSAC Daily News is timely and up-to-date information on foreign events. OSAC's analytical staff posts news items reported in global on-line sources each morning and updates items throughout each business day.


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 Outstanding International

 Leadership Award
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 Outstanding International Service Award

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Nominate a faculty member who has made a significant contribution to internationalizing UNF.

Nominate a USPS or Administrative staff member who has made a significant contribution to internationalizing UNF.



The Faculty International Grants Program has been temporarily suspended for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.  Please check back in early Fall 2015 for an update.  


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 University Activity Abroad Approval Request Form


NOTE: In order to meet all export control compliance requirements for the University, Faculty-Leaders of planned activities abroad should process and submit their electronic TA BEFORE submitting the Approval Request Form.


 Guidelines for “University Activity Abroad Approval Request Form”


The University Activity Abroad Approval Request Form should include a document that addresses the following:

  1. the purpose, objectives, and student learning outcomes of the study abroad course;
  2. the formal course description;
  3. the relevant and appropriate required reading material for enhancing student learning about the course subject in the context of the nation/region (or what specific kinds of materials are being considered) that will advance the objectives, purpose, and outcomes of the course;
  4. a tentative itinerary that will indicate the schedule of activities and how these advance the objectives, purpose, and outcomes of the course (for those days and times that have not been scheduled, or arrangements confirmed, the faculty member should indicate what types of activities and visits are intended); and
  5. how the student work that is graded (participation, journal, writing assignments, post-program paper/presentations, etc.) will be structured and organized in the context of this particular course and international trip, as well as in relation to the objectives, purpose, and outcomes of the course.

 Study Abroad Incident Report Form


NOTE: Please let the International Center know if/when an incident occurs on your study abroad trip as soon as it happens.


The International Center uses the information in each report for several purposes: to provide information on the University's Clery Act report each year, to help prepare future student orientations, and to include in our Annual Study Abroad Report of the incidents that occurred on our courses/activities.

Historical Documents

 International Task Force, Report to President


 Faculty Manual for Study Abroad Courses 

Travel Information

These sites provide country specific health and safety information.


 U.S. Department of State International Travel Information


 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Traveler's Health