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Meditation and Prayer Room

Location: Founders Hall,  Building 2, Suite 2100

Summer Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

 Prayer Room

The Interfaith Center's Meditation and Prayer room is one of UNF's best kept secrets.

It is open daily for meditation and prayer and features a "Prayer & Intention Shawl" from the Native American Tradition.


Need to Wash before Prayer or Meditation?

The Interfaith Center hosts two Wash Stations in each of the family bathrooms located on the second floor of Founders Hall (Building 2).

 Wash Station

If you're having trouble finding them, just ask one of the Interfaith Center Staff in Suite 2100.



Prayer Shawl

You are invited to create “Prayer & Intention Bundles,” that you will hang on one of two Interfaith Center Shawls.  When making a “Prayer & Intention Bundle” your prayers and personal intentions are recognized.  You exact meaning from the intangible while forming an object from your deepest desires/intentions.  

Also, you have the option to share the words or meanings behind your prayer or intention in the “Guest Book” — or keep it as personal as you wish. It’s entirely up to you! By signing into the “Guest Book,” you will be invited to attend the “Burning of the Bundles Ceremony” next spring 2013. 

 As a community, we will burn the shawls and “release” the collected prayers and intentions into the hearts of those gathered for the ceremony. 


How to Make a Prayer or Intention Bundle 

1. Write your prayer or intention on a slip of colored paper and fold it up. 

2. Select a square of fabric and a length of yarn. 

3. Take a pinch of tobacco and a few crumbles of dried sage. 

4. Place the paper, tobacco, and sage in the center of your cloth. 

5. Wrap the cloth up around your bundle and tie it with the yarn. 

6. Hang your bundle on the shawl with the yarn. 

7. Optional: 

· Record your prayer or intention in the “Guest Book.” 

· Enter your email address in the “Guest Book” to receive an invitation to the community “Burning of the Bundles Ceremony.” 

· Indicate “yes,” “no,” or “already on list” to be included in the Interfaith Center’s weekly email listserve announcing upcoming events. 



For more information contact the Interfaith Center at 904.620.2837.