Lufrano Intercultural Gallery

Message from the Gallery Director, Kamele Oupa Seane

In 2004 the Intercultural Center for PEACE was approached by a number of organizations and individuals who wanted to exhibit their traveling art shows but the university had no space to put up these exhibits. When the idea of Student Union came in place Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez decided that it would be befitting for this new building to have an cultural gallery. I am pleased to say the rest is history. Thanks to a generous contribution from Doctors Anne and Robert Lufrano,the gallery plays an important role in educating and enlightening UNF students, faculty, staff and the Jacksonville community. The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery  will offer unique learning opportunities. Art is about visual pleasure, learning from the past and the present. Art is about interpretation. We want to stimulate, motivate and educate.


I am deeply indebted to President John Delaney, Vice President Mauricio Gonzalez and Student Government who have worked tirelessly to help make the dream of Student Union and the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery  a reality. I want to thank Drs. Anne and Robert Lufrano for their generosity and far-sightedness. I invite you to visit the gallery.

Mission Statement

The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery's  mission is to serve the University through offering high caliber art exhibits and educational programs for students, faculty, and staff. The Lufrano Gallery reinforces the University of North Florida’s (UNF) mission through presenting art works that represents the institution’s value. The gallery will feature established art works that addresses social issues.


The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery  established in 2009 is located in the beautiful UNF campus in Jacksonville Florida. The gallery is located in the second floor of the new state of the art Student Union East Building. It is a not-for-profit art gallery. Its name derives from the original benefactors; The Lufrano Art Gallery is the second art gallery to open on UNF campus.