Intercultural Center for PEACE (ICP) 

The Intercultural Center for PEACE (Promotion, Education, and Advancement of Cultures and Ethnicities) offers students, and the University of North Florida (UNF) community, a place to learn about cultural diversity through individual meetings, group discussions, lectures and a wide range of programs and  events. The Center promotes an inclusive campus through its programs.  ICP provides quality services and programs that support and enhance the collegiate experience, particularly for students of color. We seek to foster a learning environment that enriches a cultural, educational, and professional experience. ICP offers seminars to minority students at UNF to impart a welcoming and supportive environment on campus. Diversity Training and Intercultural Communication Workshops are presented to develop awareness and necessary skills for effectively dealing with diversity and multiculturalism. We celebrate the diversity of our students.


ICP Priorities:

  1. Embracing and providing more interaction with UNF's minority student organizations.
  2. Creating forums for campus dialogue regarding race relations and current domestic and global issues.
  3. Implementing diversity training for the university.


Mission Statement

The Intercultural Center for PEACE (Promotion Education and Advancement of Cultures and Ethnicities) promotes civility and respect for the dignity and worth of each individual at the University of North Florida (UNF). We encourage peace through cultural diversity. We educate and advance the understanding of cultures and ethnicities. We foster a sense of communal relationships among all UNF students. In pursuit of these goals, the Intercultural Center for PEACE is dedicated to maintaining an environment which places the highest priority on collegial relationships, mutual respect, and sensitivity among students, faculty, and staff. We serve all UNF students.



The Intercultural Center for PEACE promotes harmony through education, understanding, respect, and appreciation of all cultures. The department strives to bridge the cultural divide between all persons at the University of North Florida through sponsoring diversity programs and dialogue.