Requirements for the Leadership Minor 

<rev. Summer 2015>


The Minor is comprised of two components. Component #1 consists of 12 credit hours of classroom coursework (4 courses); Component #2 requires documentation of co-curricular leadership learnings documented on the Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT). Students must maintain a minimum 2.50 Institutional (UNF) GPA.  

Coursework is as follows:


Course #1
LDR 3003: Introduction to Leadership (3 Credit Hours); this course is open to all students except first year students in their first term. Students are not required to declare the leadership minor  prior to taking this course. To allow sufficient time to earn the minor, we recommend that this course be taken no later than one's Junior year.  Though this course is open to Seniors, they are advised that they will lack sufficient time to attain the minor.  Following completion of LDR 3003 and throughout the remainder of one's time at UNF, students track their "real-world" on-campus and off-campus co-curricular leadership learning on the Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT), accessed through myWings. Prior to posting to the ELT, students are required to attend a one-hour workshop about the ELT. These workshops are offered in the first or second week of each term.  For the next ELT workshop, see Upcoming Events  


Course #2
One Primary Leadership Elective (3 Credit Hours) must be taken from a wheel of three Leadership courses;  

 LDR 3240: Inter-Group Dialogue Among Diverse Populations; OR 

 LDR 3320: Collaborative Leadership; OR 

 SOP 3515: Fundamentals of Conflict Transformation  


Course #3
One Inter-Disciplinary Leadership Elective (3 Credit Hours) can be a second course from the list of 3 primary leadership electives described above, or any of some other 60 courses certified by the Taylor Leadership Institute across the UNF undergraduate curriculum. That listing has been updated in the summer of 2015: CLICK HERE. For further information, consult with the Taylor Leadership Institute.  


Course #4
LDR 4263: Practicum in Community Leadership
(3 Credit Hours); this course is generally taken in the student's final term just prior to graduation. Admission is limited to students who have completed all other course requirements for the minor and have a minimum of 12 submissions to the Experiential Learning Transcript. The Practicum course considers leadership learnings gleaned from students' current and prior co-curricular activities, retroactive to their enrollment at UNF, including on-campus and off-campus activities documented on the ELT. These leadership learning activities include employment, volunteerism, internships, study abroad experiences, and other forms of community-based engagement. During the practicum course, students meet in class on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings every two weeks as they  review past learnings and reflect on their experiential learning about leadership. They finalize their ELT entries and prepare their Leadership Capstone Presentation.