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 5th Annual Student Leadership Summit: Elton Rivas


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 Leadership Speakers Bureau: Entrepreneur and Hollywood Recording Engineer

  LSB Dave Reed

On April 10, 2013 Jacksonville entrepreneur, business-owner, and former Hollywood recording engineer, Dave Reed, spoke on his leadership experiences and answered student questions. Topics covered include how to take proactive steps through leadership to stand out in an organization, and how mission-driven leadership is more important than personal motivations.


Leadership Speakers Bureau: NASA Scientist, Dr. Timothy Griffin

Leadership Speakers Bureau: NASA Scientist, Dr. Timothy Griffin

On March 6, 2013, Chief of the Chemical Analysis Branch at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Dr. Timothy Griffin spoke at the Leadership Speakers Bureau. Specifically, Dr. Griffin discusses how to motivate a team and the importance of leaving a legacy when you have a vision, all within the context of his diverse work with NASA. Dr. Griffin also answers a wide variety of questions from students in the audience.


Authentic Leadership: Dr. Felix Padilla interview

 Dr. Padilla interview photo  

On February 20, 2013, Dr. Felix Padilla was interviewed at the University of North Florida for the Taylor Leadership Institute to discuss Authentic Leadership. Dr. Padilla challenges students to live their true passion by searching and acknowledging one's "authentic self." By being attentive to one's true self, a more effective leader can be born. For more information on Dr. Padilla, and his book "The Struggle for the Authentic Self," click here.


Interview, filming, and video production credit to UNF Leadership Student, Dargan Thompson, 2013.


4th Annual Student Leadership Summit: Dr. Felix Padilla


  Padilla session image 

The 4th Annual Student Leadership Summit: October 19, 2012
According to Dr. Felix Padilla, “You are not the true, authentic you. Instead, you are what your cultural environment has influenced you to become.” In his breakout session titled, “Authentic Leadership: Finding the You That Will Change the World,” keynote speaker, Dr. Padilla encourages students to ask, “Who am I? How did I become the traditional, conventional self, the personality of society? What knowledge and understanding must I acquire in order to transform myself into the authentic self? How can I then use the authentic self to service or to help with the healing of all humanity?”

He challenges students to see the gift of their authentic self existing as an inner potential in everyone. Dr. Padilla aims provide students with the powerful leadership tools that will enable students to develop into independent and original thinkers.


Leadership Speakers Bureau: The Honorable Angela M. Cox Leadership Event

 Angela Cox Video Image 

 Leadership Speakers Bureau: Duval County Court Judge Angela M. Cox event was held on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 in the UNF Student Union Ballroom. The Honorable Angela M. Cox speaks to the UNF community as she shares her personal story about the obstacles that she had to overcome on her way to the bench in order to become the youngest judge in the state of Florida ever appointed by the governor. Judge Cox presents her personal mission to guide young people in realizing the character that they should develop to become a confident leader and to never concede to a life less than the most meaningful.


Leadership Speakers Bureau UNF President John Delaney

  John Delaney Video Pic  


Leadership Speakers Bureau: UNF President John Delaney event was held on Wednesday, February 1 at 6:00 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. UNF President John Delaney describes the effectiveness of his utopian theory of leadership in developing UNF’s transition to the ambitious comprehensive university it is today. Acknowledging his own role models when serving the community as a state attorney, general counsel and then as two-term mayor of Jacksonville, he candidly fields a range of student questions concerning his vision for the university, his views on leadership and encouragement in going from good to great.



Special Guest Speakers: Introduction to Leadership Course

 Adam Silva, Wounded Warrior Project


Adam Silva, a director of the Wounded Warrior Project, shares with the LDR 3003 class his career since West Point to his leadership position in the Project. Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that provides transitional programs and services for injured military veterans. The great majority of men and women engaged in combat for the United State average 22 years of age; when they return to civilian life with serious injuries sustained in service to our country, Wounded Warrior Project provides the connections to reclaiming employment, housing, education and training as well as rehabilitative support.  Silva describes the life changes he has seen and experienced that brought him to redefine “success” in life. Video recorded on March 1, 2012.



 Barbara Y. Tidwell, Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida



Barbara Tidwell, a registered dietitian, is the owner of Some Place Like Home, Inc., an original concept of an alternative to nursing home care: provide professional quality healthcare services to senior citizens in a home-like setting. Reared by her grandparents in eastern Kentucky, Ms. Tidwell was influenced by their wisdom and dignity and resolved in her career to recreate a home-care environment to honor the elderly. As a social entrepreneur, she is the founder of Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida, the one of three organizations in northeast Florida that provide care for injured native Florida wildlife. Ms. Tidwell’s team of volunteers, veterinarians and wildlife advocates care for approximately 2,000 animals each year. Taz the Raccoon is featured in this video-recording of Ms. Tidwell’s leadership presentation.


Curtis Hazel, Hazel Partners LLC


  Curtis Hazel Video Embed 


Faced with uncertainty after graduation from UNF, Curtis Hazel found himself inspired by his father to volunteer his time.  Mr. Hazel is the founder of Hazel Partners, LLC, a successful risk assessment and brokerage firm, but finds his fulfillment in helping non-profit organizations and their causes. Mr. Hazel served as Chairman of the 2012 PLAYERS Tournament and is on the board of directors for The Jacksonville School for Autism, Take Stock in Children, Children’s Safe Passage, and the River Garden Foundation.


Capstone Presentations

Mary Dale Capstone Presentation

  Mary Dale Capstone Presentation 


UNF Leadership Certificate graduate, Mary Dale, describes the steps for obtaining the certificate which gives UNF graduates the add-on dimension of leadership, giving them an “edge” on their competition in the contemporary job market. Video produced by Mary Dale, Spring 2011.